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Updated May 7, 2019.
Published Jan 17, 2017.

XLS Medical is a very well-known brand, with products often sold in High Street stores like Boots and Superdrug. Popularity does not necessarily mean quality though. While XLS Medical Carb Blocker may block carbs somewhat, the active ingredient is essentially unproven. Additionally, blocking carb intake seems like a pretty ineffective way to lose weight – either cut down on actual carbohydrates, or look for a different type of product instead.


  • Made by reputable European supplement company
  • No dangerous side effects


  • Will not suit everyone – only those who overeat carbs
  • Expensive at £59 for a month’s supply
  • Very limited clinical evidence
XLS Medical Carb Blocker
XLS Medical Carb Blocker is aimed specifically at people who struggle with controlling their carbohydrate intake and are simply eating too much of this food group. If your weight problems are down to too much bread, pasta and rice at meal times, could this supplement help you?

We take a look at XLS Carb Blocker to find out more.

XLS Medical Carb Blocker Overview

What you need to know about XLS Medical Carb Blocker

We are not that impressed with XLS Carb Blocker. The supplement is aimed at a very narrow market – most of us struggle with our weight generally and we do not put it all down to eating too many carbs.

If you do have this problem with your diet, switching to whole grains and unrefined carbs will help you restrict your intake because of the increase of natural fibre into your diet makes you feel fuller for longer.

The evidence does suggest that bean extract may promote weight loss but it is extremely limited and the consensus appears to be that this ingredient requires further proof.

What are the side effects of XLS Medical Carb Blocker?

Some customers have complained of stomach cramps and a bloated feeling.

How much does XLS Medical Carb Blocker cost?

One pack of 60 capsules (just 10 days supply if you take the recommended 6 a day) costs £18.95, which works out at almost £59 for a month.

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XLS Medical Carb Blocker Key Features

XLS Medical products are made by Omega Pharma a major European company founded in Belgium. Omega Pharma specialise in over the counter supplements and XLS Medical provides a range of products aimed at weight loss.

If the name Omega Pharma sounds vaguely familiar this could be due to the Omega Pharma Quickstep pro cycling team who compete in the Tour de France and include Mark Cavendish in their line up.

XLS Medical Carb Blocker looks to be a credible supplement and XLS is a familiar brand to many high street shoppers. XLS is described as the Number 1 weight loss brand across Europe and whether this is actually true or not, this brand certainly has a high profile.

XLS Medical Carb Blocker Key Points

  • Omega Pharma are based in Belgium and are a leading reputable company
  • Comes in packs of 60 capsules or 10-day supply
  • Contains patented supplement Phaselite as the active ingredient

XLS products are on sale throughout Europe and Britain and are in stock from High Street retailers in the UK, including Boots, Superdrug and Lloyds Pharmacies as well as available from online retailers such as Amazon.

XLS Medical Fat BinderThe most popular supplement in the XLS range appears to be XLS Medical Fat Binder which according to the product information binds 27% dietary fats of everything you eat causing a decrease in weight.

There is also the XLS Appetite Suppressant a fibre based supplement that causes feelings of satiety simply by making you feel too full to overeat.

How to Take XLS Medical Carb Blocker

To use XLS Medical Carb Blocker you are advised to:

  • Take 3 x 2 tablets/day,
  • If you are eating, pills should be taken before meals with liquid
  • Do not exceed 6 tablets/day
  • Take XLS Medical Carb Blocker one month or more, depending on your weight loss targets

XLS Medical Carb Blocker is the newest offering from the XLS stable and is another fibre based supplement. It contains only one ingredient – a patented glycoprotein complex. Phaselite derived from Phaseolus Vulgaris- the common bean such as haricot or French bean and is a natural bean fibre.

Phaselite is manufactured by pharmaceutical company InQpharm and is available only to the pharmaceutical industry.

XLS Medical Carb Blocker contains only this one active ingredient and the way that it works is to block a high percentage of your dietary carbs from being absorbed by your body as fat.

According to the clinical information provided by the website, it works by reducing alpha-amylase enzyme activity in the carbohydrate digestion process. Alpha amylase converts carbohydrates into glucose so the principle of this ingredient is that preventing this action will reduce the body from storing fat.

Diagram of How Carbs are Blocked

How it works

XLS Medical Carb Blocker Concerns:

  • Will this supplement encourage you to overeat carbs in the belief they will not add to weight?
  • Lack of a complete ingredients profile. How much is actually in each capsule?
  • Limited clinical evidence to prove the active ingredient actually works

XLS Medical supplements are not available to buy direct from the product website. Instead the website is there to provide information about the products as well as giving some useful tips and advice about losing weight.

From the website, you can calculate your BMI and download a choice of four free calorie controlled diet plans; 1400 calories, 1600 calories, 1800 calories or 2000 calories per day.

These diet plans are for 7 days and look pretty good although many people may find them a bit like the food you sometimes get in a European hotel and include an avocado prawn salad for Sunday dinner and dishes such as escalope Milanese.

There is also some online support available and you are invited to sign up for a 12-week weight loss programme to help you lose weight. Website features include:

  • Personalised progress tracking
  • 1-2-1 support
  • Expert nutritional and fitness advice
  • Free food diary to help you stay on track
  • Weekly weigh-ins

The website also displays an obesity chart of Europe and according to this, 50% of all Europeans are overweight. Sadly, the UK tops the European obesity figures for women with the men tied with Czech Republic and Slovenia for the top of the men’s fat chart.

What does XLS Medical Carb Blocker claim to do?

According to the product information. XLS Medical Carb Blocker;

is a specialized weight loss product for overweight and obese persons who love carbohydrates and gain weight because of eating huge amount of farinaceous products, such as bread, pasta, rice every day.

The company claim that the supplement will help you lose three times the amount of weight than you would by dieting alone.

There are two key features:

  • Its unique formulation helps to reduce calories absorption from carbohydrates by 2/3 (66%).
  • Since carbs tends to get stored deeply around the waist area, XLS Medical Carb Blocker can help you to reduce your waist circumference by 8 cm in 4 weeks.

According to the website, XLS Medical Carb Blocker has no undesirable side effects and has a “well established safety profile & tolerability”.

Does XLS Medical Carb Blocker work?

This supplement is fairly new onto the market and so far, there is not much feedback. According to some of these customers, it does work and it has helped with weight loss. So if you struggle with carbs then it may help you lose some weight.

However, the clinical testing on this active ingredient seems very limited and although it may work as well as claimed, it is essentially unproven.

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XLS Medical Carb Blocker Ingredients

XLS Medical Carb Blocker contains just one active ingredient, a patented supplement called Phaselite. This is designed to block some of the carbohydrates that you eat from being stored by your body as fat. The amount quantities contained in the capsules are not specified.

The supplement comes with some slick advertising and professional and helpful website information that cites clinical proof. There have been clinical tests involving Phaseolus Vulgaris as an aid to obesity and some results have been positive.

According to a report cited by the website, the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Vinson JA & Shuta DM, 2001 stated that there were positive results that indicated weight loss up to 66% reduction of calories and potentially an 8.25cm reduction of waist measurement.

However when actually reading this, the same study went on to say that this substance requires further testing because the control groups of trial volunteers were so small. In one test eleven people and in another just seven individuals underwent the clinical trial.


According to most scientific opinion:

A variety of dietary supplements are presently available as slimming aids, but their efficacy has not been proven. One such slimming aid is the bean extract, Phaseolus vulgaris.

Scientist urge that larger and more rigorous trials are needed to objectively assess the effects of this herbal supplement.


It is also important to note that XLS Medical Carb Blocker is classified as a “medical device” and does not have to conform to foodstuffs standards.

Unlike products described as drugs or foodstuffs, a medical device does not have to provide any proof that it is safe or even works.

Even the ingredients do not have to be outlined. A certified medical device enables the manufacturers to sell products without an adequate ingredient profile or any benefit to the end user. This applies to all medical devices and not just XLS Medical Carb Blocker.

We covered medical devices in a previous investigation.

XLS Medical Carb Blocker Side Effects

This supplement should not have too many side effects and is stimulant free, and has been tested for safety.

Because it is fairly new on the market there is not a high volume of feedback so we cannot bring you too many real life experiences. However, a couple of customers have complained of stomach cramps and a bloated feeling.


Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding (standard advice for all supplements). Ask your doctor for advice if you are currently taking medication or suffer from an underlying health condition, to find out if this supplement is suitable for you.

XLS Medical Carb Blocker Customer Feedback

There is the usual mixed bag of customer reviews. Some people have found this supplement very effective.

Great product! I’ve been using it for over 2 months now and have lost weight steadily. I would definitely recommend this product!


Got going and steady weight loss for the first time in years. I’m 46 and from forty onwards I was getting bigger and bigger.

One customer preferred an alternative XLS supplement;

I had high expectations for this product as the fat binder one works so well, however I just didn’t see the same results with this one.


Doesn’t really work, u can not tell if its doing any thing, no change at all waste of money

A few customers have also complained that the packaging and directions have been printed in a foreign language.

I have not been able to take any because there are no English instructions.

In addition,

I still cannot start using it because the enclosed leaflet advising on dosage, and when to take these products is in every language, except English.

XLS Medical Carb Blocker Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee on offer.

Where To Buy XLS Medical Carb Blocker

Just about anywhere! If you live in the UK, you can find it on the shelves in Superdrug, Boots, Tesco and many other major retailers. It is also on sale via

One pack of 60 capsules (just 10 days supply if you take the recommended 6 a day) costs £18.95, which works out at almost £59 for a month.

Although many XLS Medical products are available in larger size packages (for example XLS Fat Binder comes in packs of 180 for £36.83) XLS Medical Carb blockers only appear to be sold in 10 days supply.

XLS Carb Blocker is also available direct to US customers. You can buy a pack of 60 capsules from for $44.04 from a private seller who ships from the UK.

Watchdog Verdict

There is very little evidence showing that XLS Medical Carb Blocker will work as well as it is described. This has to be balanced out by the fact that XLS Medical is a well-known company and the products have sold in millions across Europe. On the other hand, basing such a high volume of sales on such limited clinical testing does seem remarkable. As the saying goes “one swallow does not make a summer!”

The Carb Blocker may help some people, but the price combined with the indifferent nature of this supplement leads us to one conclusion and that is to reject it.

How does XLS Medical Carb Blocker compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaXLS Medical Carb Blocker ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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6 comments on 'XLS Medical Carb Blocker'

  1. I used these combined with fat strippers and lots of exercise for 6 months and lost 3 stone. I recommend them but it’s not an excuse to eat crap. You wanna lose weight you combine good food with exercise and these tablets are a little helper along the way so you don’t have to give up your favourite food completely.

  2. I use these tablets occasionally when i want to have a carb day. Normally I eat keto, however there are times when it’s a little difficult, so i take a few of these about half an hour before eating.
    Do they work for me? Yes. I test daily for ketosis and as long as i don’t go overboard with the carbs, these work. Do they have side effects? Yes. The next day i feel bloated and can sometimes have cramping, however i also get cramping when i eat carbs without taking them. For me, on a carb restricted diet, they do the job. I’ve lost over 21kgs in 7 months on keto.
    Hope this helps someone.

  3. After first 2 tablets I had BIG nausea, then I was sick. After that, I “heard” my stomach for few hours. I had some kind of “cold” in my stomach after all. .

  4. I have just tried this product which I bought on amazon. I had used its counterpart xls fat binder and found it helpful. But I used the offer on amazon where you receive a discount for buying the fat binder with xls appetite suppresant and carb binder. The carb binder made me ill on all four occassions. I gave it to friends who also used the xls fat binder and they were also ill, (1 tablet caused heart burn, severe wind and bloating and nausea, 2 tablets made you sick!) everyone had the same experience! The suppresant tablet arrived with all instructions in another language (spanish I think). What are they allowed to sell tablets with such bad side effects?

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