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Updated May 7, 2019.
Published Aug 23, 2016.
Marcella Janekova
Professionally verified by Marcella Janekova, written by Rachel Butler.

XLS Medical Fat Binder is a supplement that contains no stimulants and includes natural ingredients that should cause no side effects. However, a number of consumers have not only reported side effects, but that weight loss was minimal, if at all.

Fat binders are not fast acting, and weight loss will take time for them to work. You can end up taking a lot of tablets each day, and XLS Medical is no different in that you take 1-3 tablets with liquid immediately after each main meal. It would seem that clinical data is supportive of the weight loss claims made by XLS Medical, and it could be possible to lose weight.


  • Ingredients backed by clinical trials
  • Available from trusted online retailers


  • Little expensive
  • Official website limited information
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Some consumers have reported side effects
XLS Medical Fat Binder
Eating too much fat in your diet? XLS Medical Fat Binder claims to be the answer to reducing calories from fat, by blocking up to 27% of your dietary fat intake.

Incorporated into a weight loss plan that has Mica Paris as a fan, we take a closer look at this fat binder and ask whether this product is really an effective way to reduce fat intake.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Overview

What you need to know about XLS Medical Fat Binder

XLS Medical Fat Binder is a supplement that contains no stimulants and just 100% natural ingredients that should cause no side effects. That said a number of consumers have not only reported side effects but weight loss was minimal, if at all.

Although weight loss should be possible by taking XLS Medical it should be used with the “123 Hello Me” weight loss programme for best results. It’s worth bearing in mind that fat binders are NOT fast acting and weight loss will take time for them to work.

What are the side effects of XLS Medical Fat Binder?

There seem to be no negative side effects with XLS Medical fat binders, although the manufacturer reports no side effects a number of consumers have reported loose stools or, in contrast, feeling constipated and bloated.

How much does XLS Medical Fat Binder cost?

You can buy XLS Medical fat binder from £24.99 for 60 capsules, but this is enough for only 10 days supply. 1 month’s supply of XLS Medical contains 180 capsules and costs £59.99 available from Boots Online and in store.

WATCHDOG TIP: Consider using the consumer #1 rated weight loss product – CLICK HERE

XLS Medical Fat Binder Key Features

We started off by picking up a box of XLS Medical fat binder from our local Boots store, as it’s available exclusively in Boots. It’s a popular brand and it seems to have replaced the popular Alli in High Street Boots stores; even the staff seemed to recommend this brand.

The price we felt was a little steep at £64.99 (price is now £59.99), although you can collect Boots points if you have a Boots store card!

XLS Medical Fat Binder Key Points

  • Recommended to be used with “123 Hello me” 12-week weight loss programme
  • Successfully used and endorsed by legendary vocalist Mica Paris
  • Suitable for anyone who eats high-fat content meals

The packaging is more medical looking than many of the more commercial looking fat binders on the market. Although it’s not clear from the advertising in-store, XLS Medical should be used as part of the “123 Hello Me” 12-week weight loss programme.

How to Take XLS Medical Fat Binder

Take 2 tablets with water after breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have a very high-fat content meal you can take 3 tablets. Never exceed more than 6 tablets per day.

Mica Paris endorses XLS MedicalThe 3 step programme is designed to ensure you eat sensibly, keep active and regularly take XLS-Medical. The official “123 Hello Me” website features legendary singer Mica Paris’s story of how she successfully used XLS Medical to lose 2 stones and drop 2 dress sizes, all in just 3 1/2 months. Source

XLS Medical Fat Binder Concerns

  • Concerns over how much can really be lost with fat binders
  • No money-back guarantee offered
  • Some consumers have reported side effects

As with many fat binders, you can end up taking a LOT of tablets each day, XLS Medical is no different in that you take 1-3 tablets with liquid, immediately after each main meal. There are questions as to how effective fat binders can really be though and we look to address these concerns too!

What does XLS Medical Fat Binder claim to do?

XLS Medical claims to be a certified Medical Device product that contains a clinically proven ingredient and essential vitamins that can help you lose 3 times more weight than dieting alone!

XLS-Medical works by binding fats you eat and helps you feel fuller for longer

The supplement is “gentle on your system” and “starts working in just 3 days and you’ll notice a difference in 4 week”.

Does XLS Medical Fat Binder work?

The main ingredient Litramine has been extensively studied by the owners InQpharm. Two clinical studies, one in 2003 and more recently in 2007, are referenced by XLS Medical to show that Litramine reduces fat absorption by around 27%.

The results of the studies concluded that Litramine reduces dietary fat absorption through gastrointestinal fat binding and could lead to weight loss.

A study published in Advances in Therapy in 2007 has shown how the NeOpuntia (Litramine) ingredient in XLS Medical could also reduce bad cholesterol by 10% in 14 days, and reduce metabolic syndrome by 39% within 42 days. More information about the nature of the clinical trial and the amount of NeOpuntia used is needed before this finding can be confirmed though!

An issue found with some fat binders is the removal of additional fat can reduce the amount of fat soluble vitamins. XLS Medical combats this by providing additional fat-soluble A, D, and E vitamins.

It would seem that clinical data is supportive of the weight loss claims made by XLS Medical, and it could be possible to lose weight.

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XLS Medical Fat Binder Ingredients

The official website (even the box itself!) contains little information on the ingredients used in this supplement.

So let’s take a look at in the ingredients:

  • Litramine: Patented natural fibre complex derived mainly from Opuntia ficus-indica, and has the ability to bind fats. Studies have shown Litramine to reduce fat absorption by up to 27% with no undesirable side effects. It has been shown to be safe, certified organic, and does not contain any known allergens. It is manufactured and distributed by InQpharm.
  • Vitamin A- acetate: Fat-soluble vitamin essential for eye health and has been suggested to increase longevity, but little evidence backs up these claims.
  • Vitamin D3: Fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for health. Can be synthesised by exposure to sunlight, supplementation can be useful during periods of inadequate sunlight exposure, useful if you’re living in the UK!
  • Vitamin E-acetate: Fat-soluble vitamin with many functions, most well-known for its antioxidant properties.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Side Effects

There seem to be no negative side effects with XLS Medical fat binders, although the manufacturer reports no side effects a number of consumers have reported loose stools or, in contrast, feeling constipated and bloated.

Caution: You are advised against taking XLS Medical if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 18.5.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Customer Feedback

There are no consumer reviews on the official website or on the Boots website. There are some positive reports on Mumsnet that XLS Medical has worked. On the other hand, Amazon customers rated this product 3 out of 5 stars, with the majority of the clients giving it a rating of 1 star only along with negative comments of disappointment.

The feedback we have received from consumers though has been very mixed.

After extensive researching online, we found no reports of XLS Medical scams or rip-offs.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Where To Buy XLS Medical Fat Binder

XLS Medical is not available directly from the manufacturer, but from retailers Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy. Boots is the better-known retailer, and has established a good reputation in the UK for both prescription drugs and a wide range of non-prescription supplements.

You can buy XLS Medical fat binder from £24.99 for 60 capsules, but this is enough for only 10 days supply. 1 month’s supply of XLS Medical contains 180 capsules and costs £59.99, available from Boots Online and in store.

Watchdog Verdict

XLS Medical has no money-back guarantee directly from the manufacturers, but it is available by reliable and trusted retailers both online and on the UK High Street.

It was somewhat a tough decision but in the end, we decided to reject XLS Medical Fat Binder. The ingredient amounts have been clinically proven to work, albeit very slowly, and it’s available from a trusted retailer, but consumer feedback we have received has been very mixed with reports of possible side effects.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is XLS Medical Fat Binder?

XLS Medical is a supplement that contains no stimulants, and just 100% natural ingredients that should cause no side effects.

What are the side effects of XLS Medical Fat Binder?

Although the manufacturer reports no side effects, a number of consumers have reported loose stools or, in contrast, feeling constipated.

What are the ingredients in XLS Medical Fat Binder?

Litramine, which has the ability to bind fats, Vitamin A-acetate, that has been suggested to increase longevity, but little evidence backs up these claims. XLS Medical Fat Binder also includes Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E-acetate.

Does XLS Medical Fat Binder work?

It would seem that clinical data is supportive of the weight loss claims made by XLS Medical, and it could be possible to lose weight.

How much does XLS Medical Fat Binder cost?

You can buy XLS Medical fat binder from £24.99 for 60 capsules, but this is enough for only 10 days supply. 1 month’s supply of XLS Medical contains 180 capsules and costs £59.99.

Who makes XLS Medical Fat Binder?

XLS Medical Fat Binder is manufactured by Omega Pharma.

How do I take XLS Medical Fat Binder?

Take 2 tablets with water after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have a very high fat content meal you can take 3 tablets. Never exceed more than 6 tablets per day.

Can I take XLS Medical Fat Binder if I have a health condition?

You are advised against taking XLS Medical if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 18.5.

Does XLS Medical Fat Binder have a money-back guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

How long has XLS Medical Fat Binder been around?

XLS Medical Fat Binder has been around for several years.

Where can I buy XLS Medical Fat Binder?

XLS Medical is not available directly from the manufacturer, but from retailers Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy.

Can I buy XLS Medical Fat Binder in stores?

XLS Medical Fat Binder can be purchased from stores on the high street.

How do I contact XLS Medical Fat Binder customer service?

You can contact XLS Medical customer service via email with the details they provide on their website.

Are there any XLS Medical Fat Binder coupons?

At this time, there are no XLS Medical Fat Binder coupons.

Are there any free samples of XLS Medical Fat Binder?

There are currently no free samples for XLS Medical Fat Binder.

How does XLS Medical Fat Binder compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria XLS Medical Fat Binder Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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292 comments on 'XLS Medical Fat Binder'

  1. Yikes! Gives me the runs then a painful stomach – have to dash to the loo almost half an hour on the dot after taking it. Hasn’t helped with weight loss in the 3 weeks I’ve been taking it. It’s a definite ‘no’ from me. I’m going to try Phentaslim as recommended on here.

  2. well i tried XLS 40 tablets plus i ride 26 miles a day on my spinning bike and i never lost a thing so i think they are crap.

  3. I wonder how many of the + responce’s are genuine and how many are written by XLS medical staff,
    I actually sent off for their free sample plus I had to pay £2-69 postage, after paying online for the sample and looking for the confirmation email I found they had added another product that I had not seen when ordering the free sample, when looking further I saw that they had without my permission added my to a monthly supply of this other product as well as the XLS medical stuff and when I read it all and saw the money they wanted twice a month I nearly shat myself and lost a stone, SO READ THE SMALL PRINT AND LOOK AT THE COST BEFORE BUYING THIS JUNK, I cancelled mine as soon as I saw what they wanted a month.

  4. Needed to boost weight loss to encourage me to continue. Only need to lose a few pounds to make me feel happier in myself. I am not obese and within the parameters for my height and age etc. Bought XLS medical as sounded like the product to do what I needed. After week 1 weighed myself and actually weighed heavier. Put it down to different clothes ( weighed myself on same scales in Boots ) so weighed today and yet again more weight again. Will stick to losing weight the old fashioned way. Basically does not work for me.


  6. I Morine Barnes have bought XLS fat Binder lost weight but it would seem I have to keep taking them to keep weight off as I am to main 10st. So The Dieters Prayer by Morine Barnes. Lord, as I weigh in today, I turn to you and humbly pray. Please help me not to go astray as I chase these pounds away.If you can Lord, take a bite right out of my big appetite. Help me work that cellulite out of mind and out of sight. Let me eat just what I should the things that do a body good. So next time I weigh in, I would be in the right neighborhood. Please strengthen me as I begin This battle of the bulge to win. But let me realise fat or thin The truest beauty lies within. Morine Barnes 58. Donald 59, Myola 37 & Rommel Edwards 35. Graham 90. Weightwatchers and Gym. Amen.

  7. on reading these reviews i have to say xls max strength has been my saving grace i love it, av been on it a month n av lost 2 stone already im waiting on my next lot coming n i cant wait for them to arrive, u have to drink a tone of watter with it also. love love love xxx

  8. on reading these reviews i have to say i love xls max strength, it works for me ive been on it a month n av lost 2 stone already, i would also recomend it, id love to see a stronger one being relesed for faster resullts, love love love it xxx

  9. My husband and I have been on this for two weeks and although bloating has gone down for me and its helped me from having a mummys bladder incident when I cough or sneeze, its really not worth it.
    Cons, Both my husband and I got headaches at first, the taste is really foul(berry flavour) and I usually am sweet tooth person, my husband and I were very gassy. Don’t buy it, we are goin to try “fireblast” recommended by friends who we saw lost lots of weight and its only a pill a day.

  10. I have taken xl now for a few weeks to be honest they are a total waste of money. you may as well join slimming world and eat sensibley it will cost you less in the long run and save you money.

  11. I have been taking XLS Medical Max Strength for 23 days now but I am going to stop today.
    I have experienced uncomfortable tummy pain, feeling sick, excess flatulence and constant horrible diarrhoea. I will find another way of helping my weight loss as this was definitely not worth the money. Negligible weight loss but that is because I am eating carefully.

    1. … and at the other extreme, if you are remotely prone to constipation, avoid it at all costs. I had a truly awful experience with them a few years ago and can’t believe I was stupid enough to put myself through the whole ghastly ordeal again last week. First time i had only taken XLS pills for 3 or 4 days when I became so constipated I developed piles and an anal fissure for the first time in my life, aged mid 50s. I went many time without being able to pass a stool was so painful I nearly fainted. The piles were so big they had to be removed surgically under general anesthetic 2 years ago. I have been so careful with diet and hydration ever since and had no more such problems. Quite recently a friend insisted the formula had been changed, and so I cautiously tried it again after piling on too much weight lately. What a total idiot I am. Within 36 hours, more raging constipation which has taken many days to shift even with with copious sachets of Movicol. I have thrown the rest of the XLS away. I am pretty sure i have lost weight this week – only because I have felt so unwell through the constipation and bloating that I havent wanted to eat! Ban XLS Medical, in my opinion.

  12. Just horrible… I felt myself very bad after taking them. Palpitations,dizziness,headache, stomach pain, tingles in my feet…face…hands…

  13. I lost 2 stone in 8 weeks using xl medical fat binder absaloutety changed my life I would recommend these to people with weight problems

  14. These don’t just magically make you lose weight people. It binds a percentage of the fat you eat which you then pass out in your stool instead of your body absorbing it. But if all you’re eating is carb/sugar heavy foods whilst following a low fat diet then obviously it’s not going to work because you’re not eating the fat in the first place.

    A rough example would be: say you eat a cheese burger with mayo, this would absorb maybe a quarter of the fat (in this example the fats are in the cheese, burger meat and mayo) which would probably equate to a few hundred calories that it absorbs. So it’s like you didn’t put a quarter of the cheese, mayo and animal fat in the burger.

    However if you ate 100 potatoes and took this, it wouldn’t do anything, because there’s hardly any fat in a potato, but you’d still gain weight because you ate 16,000 calories that aren’t fats.

    Where I could see these really working is with something like the ketogenic diet, because that’s a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet.

  15. Quite agree with others – they are no good at all. Originally, I used up some old ones (just the standard ones) and they appeared to work the first week. I then bought the Max Strength ones and also took the XLS appetite suppresents even though the chemist said I should not take them both together. Unfortunately these did nothing at all I only lost 1.5lbs first week of taking and 3/4lb when taking the appetite ones as well (no change in appetite at all, was still hungry), I would have lost these amounts anyway as I was dieting!
    Not going to bother with anymore of them so DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY !

  16. Just to advise everyone Not!!!!
    To buy this product I have been taking these for a month also 1000 calories a day with a weight loss of 0.they are far to expensive.i was on the x.l medical max strength if anything they made me constipated don’t waste your money.

  17. I would advice nobody to buy these WASTE OF MONEY all they do is give you constipation soo disappointed so pricey I know a few ppl to try these should be banned read watchdog reports don’t advice them

    1. I have completed 12 days… no result, and I eat less then before… no fat/junk food, very little fibre, problems with the toilet. So disappointed!!! Waist of money!!!

  18. I live in France and they say take 2 tablets in the morning with water. No more. Anyone had a sore,tongue whilst on them…. Could be coincidence but mine feels sore.

  19. Does anyone know if it is ok to take the xls medical max strength if you have the implant? Obviously once I start taking them I don’t want it to stop the implant from working!
    Many thanks

  20. It was suggested by my GP that I try XLS after many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight gained due to Polycyctic Overy Syndrome. I am happy to say that the only major side effect I saw was weight loss! I have been taking these and been monitored by my physician for 18 months now and in that time have lost 20lbs. It is not a miracle cure to lose weight quickly but it has helped reduce my weight and keep it off. One of the biggest issues for a lot of women with PCOS is that your body does not break down fat as it should and instead holds onto it, so that even a low fat diets doesn’t stop the slow creep of weight. XLS has been great for managing this. As with any weight loss medications or treatments you should seek medical guidance before deciding. If XLS doesn’t work for you there is a good likelihood that your body is not meant to take it. No different than if you were a non type one diabetic and you decided to take insulin shots. Don’t take what you don’t need. But if you have a genuine health problem related to your body not processing fat, then this is a good option to explore with your doctor.

  21. Hi I’m trying to get pregnant and I’m taking clomid tablets, I just want to know if its safe to take xsl. I am exercising every day but with little results so I just wanted something to help

  22. Hi,
    I’m on a slimming world diet (which I had lost 1.5 stone) however to speed things up I started taking xsl. Almost a month has gone and I have put on 5lb thus far…..I am hungry all the time…..also going to ‘the toilet’ is rare and painful when I do.
    I have been drinking more water, exercise regularly and really can’t understand it.
    I have one strip to finish then I’m done.

  23. I am on thyroxin and I had a kidney transplant 3 years ago, would I be able to take this drug.
    I am on 2.5 Advagraf and 2000 mg of mycophenolate mofetil
    Many thanks

  24. Xls should be sold behind the counter or prescribed by your GP. My 15 year old niece was able to purchase these diet pills from the isle shelf and when she paid for them, they didn’t question her age or reason for purchasing. She is anorexic and with taking these tablets, found it a quick and easy way to lose weight. Her weight plummeted to 6 Stone, when before, she was over 8 stone. That weight loss, was within 3/4 weeks, her sugar levels hit rock bottom, hair was limp, skin flaked away, she just lost all nutrients in her little body. She is now gaining weight with the help of her family and regular visits to the clinic but knowing that these tablets are at easy reach, puts those with eating disorders at high risk of being in Gods waiting room.

    1. I am 67
      Can I take xls, I am on beta blockers for blood pressure and asacol for ulcerative colitis,
      Thank you for your help
      Lori Monksfield

  25. I tried XLS medical last year and was pleased as I lost about a stone and a half. The only side effect I had was constipation. I then got pregnant and I stopped taking XLS Medical but then I miscarried at 12 + 5 days. I believe these pills caused my miscarriage. I looked it up on the Internet and it says prickly pear can cause miscarriage!! It said prickly pear reduces blood glucose and that this can cause miscarriages.Im absolutely devastated which will affect me for the rest of my life.
    I will never take anything like this ever again. I am so annoyed that there was no warning of this on the patient information sheet or on the box.

  26. Ive used this product its gave me a itich on my back of my bowl and a itch at front of my vagina ive stop take them …xls fat binder cost me 19.99 not good product.. im still hungry aswell im drink water too… becareful buy trial first if i was you. Im in my early 50s with knee trouble need to move weight as im less mobile any suggestions pls…

  27. Due to my ignorance on my part I gave my old address thus my comments were discarded. Assuming my comment only apply to the last person; Go natural!. My history in these matters is though my grandmother . She worked for ‘Potters’ and left me her herb drug book. Anyway my special training showed that in this case try Stewed onions (Dr jean Valnet and ‘Potters’) any way you prefer (look up on Google) or ask me. E.g. chopped onion steeped in hot water for a few hours and taken before breakfast. Or chopped finely and taken in milk or oil with toast. Basically anything Italian style. Also Garlic i.e. Boots garlic oil capsules. Do not use de-oderised garlic as the essential ingredient is diminished.. For the technical buff the stuff in garlic & onion to some extent is; allicin, allylpropyldidulphide. Worth a try, but give it time like a couple of weeks. If the weight loss doesn’t happen be assured that your bad collesteral will improve. Go well. Tony.

  28. Apologies. As a technophobe ( so far ) I thought I had said something offensive. Also I hadn’t seen all the other recorded comments so as a technophobe I don’t know the procedures in these matters. My info is from my grandmother who worked for ‘Potters’, advanced survival training (ex SAS instructors, reading ‘Calpepper’ and Dr Jean Valnet). To inform those who may wish to try trad stuff google up the above names. Basic onion recipe is for example chop up one onion steeped in hot water for afew hours in hot water. drink this mixture with a few drops of lemon juice before breakfast. The trick with natural medicines if to give it time. To be fair thae same goes for any patent meds. Wisg you all well. AGT

  29. Product content is totally inconclusive in any way for any benefits. Weight loss better off using garlic exctract and eating onions (recipe of you choice) a food recommended for decades, and works (both foods decrease cholesterol).

    1. I do not see what of the previous comments need moderation. Is it that you only accept acclamation? To add; I am amazed that responsible companies have accepted this or any product that can not prove itself let alone include ingredients. After all the ‘garlic’ available from ‘Boots’ is a very tried and tested and medically accepted product. T .Thomas

  30. Hi I have been off and on diets for the last 20 years!!! I have now started weight watchers again. I have brought the xls medical fat burners and the carb blockers, can I take then both together? I’m not really eating a lot now I have a ff yogurt in the morning I wait a 2 hours as I’m a carer I wait till get home and have a sachet of porridge at dinner I have a ham sandwich and then at tea have 2 Weightwatchers meals as 1 is not enough and I’m hungry later. will the xls medical keep my hunger at bay as well as help. Thank you.

  31. I took this product for the 12 weeks recommended and then even some more,
    I guess in a way trying to convince myself it would help.
    It is a being fat no from me!
    I am not overweight but at the top end of ideal. Only wanted to lose a few pounds of weight to get me on the middle ideal!
    I started this at 9stone 12 and guess what.. 4 month layer I am still exactly the same weight,
    I exercise, I eat sensibly 99. 9% of the time…
    Joined the 123 scheme which is pretty much useless also.
    Waste of hundreds of pounds.

  32. Hi – I am very overweight – I read all about these tablets I was pretty much skeptical about these tablets ……. However I bought a months supply i thought what the hell I’ll give them a try – 3 weeks into taking them I am miracously losing weight only a bit at a time I weighed myself as I started them and weighed again in 3 weeks they appear to do what they say – ive not changed my diet particularly all ive done is stop the chocolate and eat whole grain bread but try to leave bread out as much as possible I think it’s great just ordered a few months supply I drink lots of water with them and during the day I feel if you don’t it constipates you. I go to the loo a lot more but I assume that means they are working ????- ive had no real side effects except a booming headache for the first four days of starting them then it settled ! ????

  33. Hi, I’m a 20 year old female who works most days standing. I attend the gym 3 times a week and I am always eating healthy. I have lost a little weight but I am finding it near impossible to shift the last 5 pounds! Will this pill help me get to my desired weight? Is it just for people who are considerably overweight?

  34. Why can’t we have some ordinary overweight member of the public telling us how they got on, instead of some “Star” who hasn’t done anything of note for 5 years? Paris’ latest album, Born Again, was released in June 2009.

  35. Just finished my first week and no weight loss yet. Having problems with not going to loo. I have not been able to go from the first day I started taking XL direct. I’m eating fruit and fibre.

  36. hi tomorrow is my day 1 so im hoping it will be succesfull .my question is this if i have a low calorie meal in the day do i still need to take two tablets ?

  37. Everyone I know is satisfied with these. You mention side effects but no real evidence or examples. Not really convinced by your verdict and the possible alterior motives.

    1. Hi Joe, so eveyone that you know is taking these. I find this very strange, to the extent that i am not really convinced by you and your possibly questionable motives. Seriously, EVERYONE?

  38. Hi I have been taking xls medical for 3 days now and have already lost 3 pound I was having 3 meals a day 2 pills after every meal and just having a 15 minute walk a day I’ve had no side affects and going to the loo as normal I’m going to finish my 30 day and see the results and post again but so far so good ????????????????

  39. Hello, I’ve been using xls medical for 2 weeks. I haven’t changed my diet and I haven’t weighed myself but I have definitely lost a little weight around my thighs and my stomach. Im going to buy another 2 weeks supply tomorrow and will update on here when finished. Only time will tell. Good luck to everyone who is trying to lose weight its such a challenge.

  40. Hi, at 5ft 8 and 12st 6lb, I need to loose 2 stone at least
    Already a ww member and have been for years.
    Have not reached my goal weight since 5
    Years ago.
    Tried Alli, with no results at all.
    Getting really depressed at not being able to
    Wear some clothes, have decided to try xls.
    Only on day 3 and my appetite has reduced considerably,
    So hoping it shows on the scales the next weigh in.
    Only bought 10 day supply as I take anti epileptic
    Drugs, so wanted to make sure I was ok before spending
    More money.
    I’m also feeling a little brighter in myself , wondering
    If it’s the Vitamin D that is helping.
    Will keep you updated, but feeling very optimistic
    At the moment

  41. Would like to know for women they take between 1-3 for a man would they take the same or more, i’m 6″1 and 17st7lb so just wandered for someone my size?

  42. Been reading quite a few comments on XLS but all seems to be aimed at women. Is it just for women only or can men use it to could do with losing quite a bit of weight and need all the help i can get!!!

    1. Hi Fraser,
      Most diet pills tend to be marketed towards women but there shouldn’t be any reason why men can’t use them. In the end of the day, the effectiveness will be based on the ingredients and sticking to any of the recommendations provided by the manufacturer.
      It would be great to hear from guys who have tried XLS Medical supplements.
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  43. These diet pills don’t change your behaviour and If you don’t change your behaviour or environment – guess what? Nothing changes. Change your inner thinking first. Being healthy is about lifestyle – make sure you pick a good one.

  44. I am thinking about buying into this brand and testing out. I have read that the tablets should not be crushed, I have difficulty swallowing tablets, could you please tell me how big the tablets are in size?

  45. I started taking XLS medical and noticed that I got very constipated so stopped. Decided to give it another go and ended up in hospital with a severe impact ion. Definitely would not use it again I think for certain people it is downright dangerous and I was very ill

    1. Hi Dena,
      Its a concern the experience you had with this supplement. Did you have any pre-existing medical or health condition?
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  46. Hi iv started to take these tablets to aid my weightloss…. Before I was on a complete healthy 3 meal a day diet with lots of exercise and just could not lose anything. I’ve been taking xls for one week and started back on a healthy meal plan and already lost 5lbs. So far they’re great and made bowel movement regular and as it should be.

  47. 2 days ago I started having a diet whey shake for breakfast which fills me until about 3pm ( drinking approx. 3 pts of water after ive had shake, but that’s not a bad thing) Im then having a meal and 2 xls tabs after it. I munched on some fruit about 7pm last night as feeling a little peckish, but that’s all I had all day, Today I had a shake at 9am . 2 pints water throughout the day, chicken salad, bowl of fruit and 2 xls tabs. Feel full as a bull. I NORMALLY MUNCH ON PASTYS AND CRISPS N CHOC. BUT AVNT WANTED ANY? time will tell………

  48. I have been using XSL Medical fat binder for the past 2 weeks and I started Urinating more than I usually do. This has noting to do with my water intake because it is still the same. Please can someone tell me if this is a Bad sign or that is how it works.

  49. I have been taking these for four days and I have also been dieting. I have lost 6lbs already and I have been taking 2 after main meals twice a day. I have increased energy levels and a decreased appetite. I do a half hour walk a day and some weights and sit ups and that is all. I was 12st 2lbs and I am encouraged to continue on these pills and will keep you updated as to my progress if anyone is interested. Good luck to you all with your weight loss.

  50. Presumably whoever decided to NOT recommend this is some young, thin, anxious person who thinks that having to move your bowels a bit more often in order to lose weight is unacceptable. Well, if you went to WeightWatchers (which I don’t recommend because their business is founded on failed returners,) you’d be going to the toilet one way or another at great deal more on a low calorie diet. I think rejecting this product was simply mean. I have joint and tendon issues that prevent me doing vigorous exercise, I have found fatbinder meds brilliantly helpful in keeping my weight down. People quite happily neck all kinds of toxic products big pharma tells is are ok. Why not this?

  51. Took these for 5 days with no problems – only taking the pills after high fat meals. On Sunday I took my last pills around 2pm, had a low fat dinner at 7pm and was violently sick a few hours later. For the last 3 days I’ve been feeling really nauseous and haven’t managed to eat more than a couple of bites of toast a day and obviously I haven’t been taking the tablets since then!
    Has anyone else had side effects like this with XLS Medical? (Just to clarify, I’m definitely definitely not pregnant!)

    1. You didn’t say if you ate with the pills at 2pm. If you had a low fat meal at 7pm you wouldn’t have needed to take a pill.

  52. Can those of you who’ve had success tell me your daily food plan as I’m desperate to lose the last stone which doesn’t seem to want to shift. I’m currently taking rasberry keytones but seem to have had no success with these.

    1. I have read that raspberry keytones are a bit of a scam. You would be better off buying a punnet of raspberries.

  53. First day on xls. No side effects. Although problems with wind. Must say I have taken 2 tabs x 3. And can honestly say I do feel full up. My bad times are in the evenings for snacking. But hey 1st day so I will see how it goes.

  54. Been taking xls medical for 7 days now,i am totally amazed how much I have lost 7lb. I have had a sicky feeling for first few days. Bought these from amazon.

  55. I had constipation with this. I don’t know why. So I’m trying Prescopodene now. Been on it for 3 weeks. Well, so far so good.

  56. Hi..I have completed my 3 month pack of xls medical..before taking Xls medical I was around 155 pound.after completing my 3 month course Nw I m only 114 it works for me completely.but it takes time to adjust ur body.gud luck to others..

    1. Hi, can you tell me what your daily food plan was whilst taking these tablets and also how many tablets were you taking and with what meals?

  57. Unless you cannot lose weight because of a diagnosed condition, no “magic” pills work. Eating a proper balanced diet and exercise is your path to a healthier, slimmer you. Be honest with yourself, set some goals and put in the effort.

    Source: I work in healthcare

  58. No valentina. Any medicine or pill is not advised to be taken with alcohol. Why would you do that? When there is water everywhere? I have tried taking liproxenol with alcohol, although it had no adverse reactions, still I felt bad about it. Never to happen again.

  59. Hi I have bought a months supply from Sainsburys today. I asked the pharmacist if it was ok to take alongside Metformin and Simvastatin for my diabetes and she said yes. I now see that it says consult your GP if you have diabetes or are on cholesterol reducing drugs. What effect does the XLS have on the cholesterol please? Also as i eat quite a high fat diet would I be right in assuming I should see weight loss even without changing my diet? Thanks.

  60. please can u tell me if is necesary to take the xls always every meal iven if one of them are totally free of fat?

  61. hi there Im on my second day of taking six tablets a day but haven’t been to toilet apart from once since taking them but iv heard that the un absorbed fat is like an orange colour is this true x

  62. I have been taking these pills since they were first advertised in January 2012 and have found them ideal. They are no quick fix though. I was extremely overweight and couldn’t face yet another bout of yo yo dieting so have only cut out evening snacking but continued to eat a normal evening meal and pudding. My main aim was to reduce the size of my waist which started off at 57″ – it is now 44″ and i feel a new woman. I had a lot of wind to begin with but that has virtually disappeared. I have found that it is the week that you have ‘off’ is when you go to the toilet and feel thinner. They have worked for me – slowly i have gone from size 30 to 22. I will continue to take 2 with my dinner every evening as i always have as i cannot afford more.

    1. How long did you have to take them before you noticed a difference in your weight? I’ve been taking them for about 5-6 days and so far no weight loss but have a loss of appetite which is good.

  63. Using a diet pill yet gaining weight?this is something. My sister uses this as well but I’m more convinced with what I’m on for two months. I got Liproxenol and no experience of any side effects so far. I got good results though. You might wanna try this an option.

    1. I’ve been on several products sold in the market but I’m not really convinced with I’ve been getting in return. I do wanna lose weight like totally lose these excess fat. the thing is, I always end up quitting a pill after experiencing these not so good effects. it would be perfectly fine if these side effects are tolerable. I’ve looked into your suggestion, this Liproxenol. is it any better? How much weight did you lose and for long did you take it?

  64. Hi all…. after thoroughly researching Xls medical fat binder I have decided to give it a go. My order will arrive on Tuesday so will start on Wednesday….

    A bit of background… I am 5ft 6″, 30years old and currently weigh 17st, I have made a few life changes as far as exercise and healthy eating are concerned and have lost 1.5lb in 2 weeks… so lets see if these work! I am not a yo-yo dieter and gained weight due to an injury. I am also (slightly) skeptical, but will keep an open mind.

    Will update honest results and side effects on here weekly (from 20/03/13), if people and the diet pills watchdog team are interested 🙂

    Take care and best wishes

    Bryony x

  65. These tablets are total rubbish. I had been on these tablets a couple of months, no side effects but gained alot of weight and not lost an ounce. I will not be wasting my money again..I was careful with what i ate and excercised, but still gained a few pounds. Extremely disheartening. I shall just stick to a very healthy diet and do plenty of cycling and walking. If you want to lose weight avoid xls fat binders waste of money.

  66. Hi there, I just wanted to fill you in on my first week on xls. I have a lot of weight to lose 6 stone to be exact. This week I have lost 7lbs. Now I am on a fairly low fat diet and reducing my carb and calorie intake, I eat between 1000/1200 cals a day which I know is low but I feel it is thanks to the xls that I am able to do tis as I am not hungry. I don’t believe they increase weight loss but that they may make sticking to a diet plan a little easier.
    7lbs sounds like a lot but remember I am very overweight and I stuck to my plan for the full week.
    My meals would consist of an atkins bar for breakfast, some chicken soup for lunch and a tuna salad, for dinner I would have a small portion of potatoes/rice and veg and lean meat. I will also snack on something for 100/200 cals, this usually consists of a celebrity slim rocky road bar/small bag of skips/water crackers with cheese/nuts. I will report back again, which ever way it goes, hope this helps!!

  67. Just want to wish all the weight losers here all the best. I wouldn’t waste my money on expensive gimmicks like this XLS thing. I have been on the GI diet (nothing else) for 3 months and have lost 1st. 4lbs so far. I’m sticking with it until I lose another stone. Here’s hoping!
    Best of luck to all.

  68. hi..i have already been able to reduce about 19.8 lb of my weight by taking xls medical..still i’m taking dis pills as my 3rd month supply nd at da end of month i’. expecting anoyher 6lb more to loose..but still i’m over weight..i need to take another 3 month supply course to acheive my goal dat is healthy weight..
    my question to admin or others ie: is dat safe to take xls medical for 6 month?
    plz reply..

  69. I am startin atkins which is v low carb but high fat diet, i have had good results in the past on this diet but never seem to b able to keep the weight off, if i combin the two(pills/diet) and acheive my goal weight is it goin to pile back on when i stop takin the pills?
    Is anyone else on this low carb diet that could advise me on there progress….. please ….

  70. I bought a 5 day supply,never eat breakfast so only took 2 at lunch and supper. I also joined the gym and go 4 nights a week. . . I lost 7lbs the first week, 2nd week i just done the gym and watched what i was eating. . No weight loss at all, so as of tomorrow im back on xls. Will keep posting results.

  71. hi everyone..i just want to inform u all who are taking XLS medical dat i have lost 17.6 lb by taking 2 month supply of XLS fat binder.i didn’t do any kind of exercise nd hard work. just did a li’ll bit change in my food best of luck to others.

  72. Just seen an advert for this so thought I’d do a little research and it appears it is just another gimic which comes across as a life changing drug, BUT in all fairness it does seem to work very well as a laxative 😀
    I’ve just read every post on here and the losses are poor considering the cost and claims.
    Good luck everyone on your weight loss journey, You can do it only if you really want to, take care seeya 🙂

  73. Started XLS this morning took 2 tablets after each meal and after each occasion stomach started gurgling followed by diarrhoea! thankfully im home for a few days and dont have to go anywhere! In fairness its only day one and after spending 60 euro i will give them a fair go, Fingers crossed!

  74. I’ve just started taking XLS as I’m intrigued to see if this really works, I’m on my first day and so far so good, I’m skeptical after reading some of the side effects, espicially loose stools and no sleep, will just have to wait and see, my question to you is, will XLS be effective when taking Omega 3 tablets, as I don’t eat fish and the body needs a balance of EFA’S (Essential Fatty Acids) which It cant produce on it’s own, so both Omega 3 and 6 is needed at similar ratio’s, yet Omega 6 is grains, raised meat, processed food, so to balanace it out, im making sure to take Omega 3 every day, Im concerned that XLS will bind these fats that my body will need, can you confirm that this is so and that I can still take both without any interferance, thanks

  75. Hi. i am a type 1 diabetic (ie my diabetes is not controlled by tablets, but by insulin alone – an insulin pump). I test regularly and my continuous blood glucose monitor will warn me if there is any chance I might hypo. Therefore are the pills safe for someone like me?

  76. had these 2 days now but don’t think its fair to comment for couple of months so will get back you then sujest most your readers do the same as miracles don’t happen in a day

  77. I’ve had weightloss surgery (a gastric sleeve) but not losing weight, would xls medical work for me? Please email me at *removed* with reply, thanks R. Mckie.

    1. Hi Ritchard,
      As you have had surgery then it would be advisable to contact your Physician for proper professional advice. Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer advice where medical matters are concerned. Sorry we can’t help you further but good luck with everything in the future.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  78. Hi I I’m breast feeding and I took a tablet for a week and half now I m stop taking a tablet for one day and I like to start give my child my Brest milk my question is can I give her now or is not safe for ever please give me advise thanks

    1. Hi Manz,
      The recommendation for this supplement (and most dietary supplements for that matter) is to avoid taking whilst breastfeeding. Unfortunately we are unable to offer medical advice, so we would advise speaking to your local GP/physician.
      Apologises for not being able to help any further.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  79. Hi, have been taking these for just over a week; cutting out bread, some dairy and watching what I eat. I have only been taking 2 tabs at end of each evening meal, is that sufficient..? Have not noticed any significant changes/weight loss. I am approx 5’7″ and currently weigh 12 stone. Please advise. .

  80. hi all im thinking about buying xls but im in 2 minds now after looking at a few of your comments the thing that is putting me off is going to the toilet more often and you cant be doing that while your at work… also if their meant to help people lose weight why are there loads of ladies putting on or not losing any weight at all??? dont know if i should try them as dont really want to waste my money

    1. Hi Lisa,
      We appreciate your concern, as you say feedback has been mixed from our visitors concerning the effectiveness of XLS Medical. Results take time with any fat binding supplement and requires keen attention to diet, and as with all dietary supplements, best results are seen when doing regular exercise. The effectiveness will also depend on your dietary fat intake too! Other dietary supplements may be more suitable that have shown to have more solid results. Take a look at our approved diet pills list here:
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

    2. hi, I have just orderd xls, i’m goin to combine it with Atkins diet which is v low carb but quite high fat( u get energy from fat not carbs ) so do u think i would benefit from these pills??

  81. Hi I’ve been on these tablets for two Weeks now I’ve lost 3lb. Only thing I would life to say is everyone is saying there going to loo more often where as I don’t even though I drink lots of water too. Is it because I don’t ready really fatty foods? Also shouldn’t I have lost more weight 🙁

  82. Hi all ! 🙂 I’ve literally just taken my first 2 pills, so will keep in touch to let you know how I get on. I’m 11 stone 3 at the moment, and looking to lose at least 1.5 stone… I got my pills from Chemist 4 U – cheapest on the market that I could find !

  83. XLS Medical sounded really good and I believed it will do what it says on the box. However same as many other products, this is just a product that gives you diarrhea, so you feel lighter after few days. I had a horrible experience using these pills and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I have never experienced hemorrhoids in my life and after few days of taking XLS this happened… Well, after all we should all know the only way to loose weight is to be active, which to be fair is mentioned on their website.

  84. hi drix i don’t think didn’t interupped my period..and in one month i have lost 3 kg with a balanced diet. then i took a break for 4 days.n now started again.this time in one week i have lost 1 more kg. in total within 5 n half weeks i have lost 4 kg..gud luck to u..

  85. Hi i currently eat around 1300 cal a day need 2 lose weight have put do much on i weigh around 12st 8lbs i eat low fat foods such as weight watchers will xls still help even though i am eating small amount of fat each meal.

    1. Thank you for contacting us regarding XLS Medical. We are not medical doctors and not in a position to give medical advice. That said, from what you have outlined then we wouldn’t suggest using a fat binder, which work to block a portion of your dietary fat intake. Some dietary fat is essential to your diet and you are eating a low calorie diet and so a fat binder is probably not the supplement for you.
      You are certainly on the right track as eating a healthy calorie-controlled diet combined with exercise is the way forward, along with using diet supplements that can aid this process.
      We would suggest looking at alternatives such as Acai Plus Extreme or possibly other supplements that include antioxidants etc.
      We wish you all the best on your weight loss journey.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  86. i am on my second day taking xls and i have certainly notice a difference on going to.the toilet more often will keep you all informed how i get on

    1. If anything I do have more energy but that could be because I’m eating healthy and exercising ! Difficult to tell if its pills or natural effects of weight loss!!!

  87. Hi well these tablets have done nothing for me I’m so constipated ……. ive been taking 6 a day for a month and lost not one pound so annoyed at myself to think that these would work and ive been doin slimming world 🙁

  88. I started taking xls two weeks ago as we’ll as following slimming world eating plan and gym I was going on holiday and was worried about the all inclusive choices! First few days felt a bit bunged up and very windy!!! But stuck with it and I have lost 3.5 lb I was losing an average of 2.5lb a week but really don’t think I would have lost as much after indulging on holiday without xls. Will update you next Thursday after a normal week on plan with xls thrown in!!!!

  89. started taking xl-medical for the first time today. I have not stopped running to the toilet since lunch time don’t now if i have a bug or if it’s the pills as any one else had this problem.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      A few consumers have reported more regular visits to the toilet. We are not doctors and cannot give medical advice, but dietary supplements always carry a notice that you should stop taking them if you notice any unwanted side effects. It may be worth having a break from them to see if the problem persists. If unsure, it may be prudent to speak to your local GP.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  90. dont worry guys..keep really works slowly..i have completed 30 days now..i have lost 3 kg. i think it takes time to adjust with ur system..only 10 days ago i didn’t find any major change..but i’m surprised finally started working!!!

  91. Well Well watchdog and all surprise surprise the TV adverts have now stoped ??? funny that as this is where i first heard of them and wasted my money, my fault entirly I know, but hepled by the fact i thought if they were on TV they must be good . How are all you others feeling, please let me know, surely I am not the only sucker????

    1. Hi Anne,
      We have noticed that the exposure (promotion) for XLS Medical has reduced recently and seems to have coincided with a significant price drop by Boots of 20%. We are making an educated guess here, but may be because the product wasn’t selling as expected!
      Feedback we have received has been VERY mixed; with some consumers reported , like Nicola above, constipation, some consumers not seeing any weight loss with again some reported having lost lbs over a number of weeks.
      We are very interested to hear what consumers what they have experienced, please do let us know.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    1. Hi Nicola,
      We would suggest that you do stop talking any supplement that causes such an effect and if the problem persists to speak to your local GP. There have been reports of some consumers experiencing constipation but is temporary. We are not medical doctors though so we would suggest speaking to a medical professional if you’re concern about your health.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  92. Taken these tablets for over a week 9 a day am taken !!! followed a well balanced diet and also excercised nearly every day by walking for at least 2 !!!! I am so so disappointed that I haven’t lost any widget not even a pound … all these tablets have done is what laxatives would do !!! Make you go to the toilet 2 a day !!! I defo would not recommend buying these tablets to me they don’t do what they say they do and they are very expensive I bought 180 of them and it cost me 48 pound and that was on special in boots :((((((((

  93. I have had 2 weeks of xls so far and I have put weight on and loss my money.They do not work for me and I am very disappointed.

  94. I started taking XLS and everything was fine, however after 3 days in I felt I wasn’t urinating as much as I usually do. I always drink plenty of water and never have strong urine. I stopped taking the tablets and now everything is back to normal. Just wondered if anyone has experienced water retention as an effect? Or perhaps this was just coincidental?

    1. Hi Fiona,
      The manufacturer recommends speaking to your doctor if you are taking any medication. We would suggest the same course of action as you need to be sure that there are no possible side effects.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

    2. @fiona,
      I’m no doctor and obviously everyone will react different to certain tablets but I’m on citalipram 20mg and I’ve been on xls for almost a month now and they hdbrnt affected me in a bad way.
      Saying that I’ve lost 4 pounds in that month whilst also being on weight watchers. Quite a slow amount considering xls claim to speed the weight loss up!!!

    3. Hi all

      I have read most your posted and most of you have just started to use them and not seen any great results.
      Is there anyone that has stayed on them for a month or so and started to see a change?
      I have just bought them and not seen any real changers but it’s early days so hoping that if I stick to them and watch what I eat the results will come!

      Good luck all

    1. Hi Diane,
      On both the Adios and XLS Medical recommended guidelines there is no mention that you can’t take them with over over the counter dietary supplements. You may wish to speak to the stockist directly about this. Considering that we or stockists of both these supplements will not be aware of your medical history then it’s prudent to speak to your doctor or healthcare professional.
      Apologises if this doesn’t really answer your question, but we are not in a position to comment or recommend on individual health issues as we aren’t medical doctors and aren’t aware of your medical history.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  95. I have just started taking these today, I follow a low fat diet, so am feeling quite disheartened at the comments that they work better with a high fat diet…and that the majority are not having any weight loss…have I wasted my money ?..??

    1. Hi Diane,
      The consumer reports we have received have indeed been mixed, as you suggest. When reading such feedback it’s worth considering that very little is known about other lifestyle factors of consumers that can dramatically alter the effectiveness of any diet product. Whilst some diet pills suggest you don’t require any changes to diet and exercise, it’s always best to include a healthy diet and regular exercise programme.
      Regarding fat binders, there aim is to work by blocking the dietary fat intake and so if you eat little fat (remember you do need fat in your diet) then it may not be as effective as someone who frequently eat fatty meals. If you have purchased them already, and its safe to do so, you could give them a go. Consumers have lost weight whilst taking them.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

    2. I tried these to lose weight as they said it was to lose weight took them for 9 days going gym only drinking water lots of fruits & veg I did put on 3lbs when I was losing for over a month till I started them I got really sick, throwing up every day started to feel ill do I stopped taking them I then started to throw up faeces (poo) had to be rushed to hospital as that’s a dangerous sign lucky I was seen & didn’t leave it as I could of died through the blocking in my stomach & pile up of poo so please don’t take them as it nearly ended my life.

  96. Have just emailed you re amount of tabs proactol send as monthly amount. You say that they are 30% cheaper than XLS. XLS supply 180 tabs per month[6/day]. Proactil supply 120 per month[4/day], 2tabs under rec. daily amount. Over 1mnth the costs of both are identicle based on taking 6 tabs a day. I feel really mislead as I thought your website was trustworthy.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Thank you getting in touch regarding the prices and serving sizes for both XLS and Proactol Plus. If any information is incorrect we are keen to change these as soon as possible.
      We have contacted the manufacturers of XLS Medical and Proactol to get the up-to-date information as they can and often do change, certainly in terms of pricing. We have checked with Boots and they have recently dropped their prices for XLS by 20% and we have adjusted our review accordingly. At the present time, XLS Medical would be the better value for money product in terms of pricing. The benefit of Proactol Plus is the 180-day money-back guarantee, which we regard as a big selling point for consumers.
      As with all our reviews, any significant changes in information brought to our attention by manufacturers or consumers, we endeavour to update our reviews accordingly.
      We really appreciate your feedback and welcome any further suggestions you have.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  97. As far as I am concerned theses tablets are a watse of time they just make you feel bloated taking them and I certainly lost no weight, but did waste £50 !!!!! I should really learn.

  98. its 21 days weight loss..i was taken ALI before..only by taking 2 tablets a day i had managed to reduce 3 kg in one month..but xls disappointed me too much..i bought 3 months supply..its 21 days weight loss..taking 6 tablets a day..

  99. Guys I’ve you read up on this drug you will see it states you will notice the changes after 4-6 weeks not a few days, it’s not a wonder drug….. So just buying a 5 day pack won’t get you far, you will need the 30 day pack which on amazon it’s £34…..

  100. Hi watchdog I’ve just read your reply to Sharon on the 3rd oct, you said that the reason for no weight lose is due to not eating a high fat diet, cause she is eating a low fat diet it won’t work…. You would think it would be the other way round…. So taken 6 tablets a day and being on a low fat diet meal plan this drug will not work?

  101. John…..excatly! that is my point, the XL pills stop you going, read back you will see others are having the same problem

  102. Been taking XL Medical for ten days now, kept to a very healthy diet but got weighed after the ten days to find I had put on a pound and not lost one ounce!. Won’t be wasting my money on this product.

  103. Still not lost any weight and forgot to mention on my other post that if i do eat anything even slightly fatty i get the most horrible wind ever. Dont know if anybody else has this problem or if its just me.

    I would not recommend these to anyone, total waste of money.

  104. Hi just a update ive been on these tabs( xls) for a week and no weight loss as yet but I’m not snacking loads and I.really need to “go” will laxatives help 🙁

  105. hi i have been taking these 5 days now, along side a protein diet and already lost 5 pounds, no side effects and feeling fine!

  106. hi
    its 13 days now im taking xls . ihave lost only 0.5kg.
    couldn’t understand how people had managed lost 4 pound in 4 days..

  107. Hi
    I thought I would give everyone an update. Have been on these tablets for ten days now. I’m combining them with weight watchers, Zumba classes twice a week and Gillian micheal’s 30 day shred which I do daily as its only 20 minutes.
    I had a weigh in at ww a couple of days ago and had put on two pounds! I didn’t think this was a miracle tablet but considering I had been following a low fat diet as well I thought I would have seen some effects? I’m going to the toilet every other day like I was before the tablets.
    Ill see out my 120 tablets then I think I’ll stick to weight watchers as I’ve lost more weight by that alone than in these tablets. Shame.

    1. glad you left that comment, because i was i considering buying this tablets as im on weightwatchers, and was thinking of combing the two together, but not gonna bother as i dont have much fat in my diet. so thanks for that. all the best with WW.

    1. Hi Dan,
      Many of the diet pills are packaged and aimed at women but can be used by men too, unless they are suggested otherwise.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  108. I have just noticed that Proactol Plus also is made by InQPharm. Does this mean it’s exactly the same product as XLS?? I think Proactol has to be the better option as it’s cheaper and comes with a number of freebies weight loss ebooks and Pure Acai Berry etc.

    Can someone confirm if this is the same product rebranded before I buy it??

    1. Hi Olichka,
      Firstly thank you for taking the time to comment.
      To clarify Proactol Plus is not owned by InQPharm but Proactol Ltd who are based in Nottingham, UK. XLS Medical is owned by Omega Pharma who have a head office in Belgium.
      Whilst they have different owners they share similar ingredients (fibre complex) and you are mostly correct in that Proactol Plus tends to be the cheaper option (and includes extras on larger orders) that offers similar results.
      We hope this helps answer your question.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  109. Hi watchdog staff – I have been waiting patiently for a response from you, with regards to whether this product is suitable for vegetarians or whether this product is made with all natural ingredients. It is very sad to see that you have not even attempted to answer my queries, and yet sound very sympathetic to other customers with feedback after taking the pill. Can someone please answer my question. Thank you

    1. Hi Kat,
      Apologies if you feel your question has been overlooked. We get many comments each day, often with the same questions.
      We have received this question from another visitor and answered on the 2nd October, here is the direct link to the thread:
      To clarify, XLS Medical do not state whether the product is suitable for vegetarians although it doesn’t appear to contain gelatin.
      Have you tried contacting the company directly? They will be the best equipped to answer your question directly.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  110. I have been taking these for a week now and apart from not being able ‘to go’ they havent done anything. I have another weeks supply so will continue to take the ones I have left but will not be buying anymore if I haven’t lost weight. I didn’t expect a miracle but had high hopes for these! To not even lose a quarter of a pound is very disheartening.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for letting us and other visitors know the results so far, although as you say it does seem somewhat disappointing. Have you changed your lifestyle, diet or exercise etc?
      Another consumer has also reported feeling constipated after taking these tablets for 4 days. It doesn’t seem like this is a common side effect though, but please let us know how you get on in a weeks time.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  111. Sorry, I meant is this table made with 100% natural ingredients. And if so, is this product suitable for vegetarians. Thanks

    1. Listen carefully. Just because something is “natural”doesn’t mean it is good for you. Some of the comments i have read in this section have convinced me that, stupidity, is the most “natural”and most dangerous ingredient in the weight loss arena.

  112. Hi – Im interested in taking this tablet to support my weight loss goal. Can you tell me if this product made 100% natural products. And if so will these tablet be suitable for vegetarians.

  113. Hi emma i have been on them 1 week and have gained 2lb, however I have been taking a B12 supplement in the morning with my thyroxine so i read that this could make my thyroxine not be absorbed, so I am not sure as I will not take the B12 tomorrow until the evening. I take 3 after lunch and 3 after dinner as I am unable to take any in the morning due to taking thyroxine. I bought 1 pack of 120 tabs and just bought 1 pack of 180 tabs, but if i have not lost anything after this i will not bother. I must say I did have high hopes thta they would help!!! I would like to hear from anyone who they are working for. My advise would be try another 3 weeks cheapest on amazon and then leave it if you still have not lost any weight. Good luck

  114. hi Im on week 3 of these tablets with no side effects.. I am not snacking as much but haven’t lost any weight!!! I eat pretty sensibly most of the time but do have bad days, Should I continue cos will have to buy more next week and don’t want to waste money? any tips would be welcomed….

    1. The advice on the instructions is to drink plenty of water, not just with your tablets but throughout the day too. If you find water boring, try adding a little bit of sugar free cordial for taste, but water will certainly help with your weight loss xx

  115. Does any one know if the effects of the tablets last for a while, say if you have a mid afternoon snack at work will they still reduce the fat content of the snack? or do they literally work just after the meal you have eaten.

  116. Hello thanks for all your advice. I started drinking more water and it really did help and I’m now back to normal. Not yet been a week yet so i will let you all know how I’m getting on. Would love to hear other people’s progress too!

  117. Hi sarah

    i’m facing da same problem..i have been taking XLS for 8 days..1st 3/4 days used to get loo for 2/3 times but suddenly it stopped .i’m taking 6 tablets per day with meal.

  118. Hi Sarah I have been taking them for 5 days and I am usually very loose and to be honest they are helping me as my stools are more normal with them, so i would say they probally may have a tendency to bung you up a bit if your stools are normal, but if they work it may be worth taking a senocot on an evening to help. Keep me posted if you lose weight as I will post my progress.

  119. Hello I have been taking these tablets for four days so far and was just wondering if anyone else has been constipated after taking them?

  120. Hi I have just started taking these tablets and I do feel better, no side effects at all, but I have not had the chance to weigh yet, I will weigh at the weekend. My question is can I take them before my meal, like you do with Ali or do you have to take then follwing your meal. Thanks

    1. Hi Sandy,
      As you know Roacatane is prescription medication and has a number of conditions for its use and are carefully prescribed. We are not qualified to offer medical advice and so recommend speaking to your doctor or physician or who prescribed the medication in the first place.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  121. I have brought some of these and was wondering because i dont eat breakfast will i be able to take 4 tablets a day instead of 6 because i only have 2 meals a day? I know you should eat breakfast but i cant stomach it, never have been able to.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      XLS should be taken with a meal as it works to bind with the fat in the meal in order to reduce calorie intake from fats. If as you say you don’t eat breakfast then taking XLS is not recommended. As you probably know already, most experts do suggest to eat a healthy breakfast to kick start the day.
      Hope this helps.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  122. Hi After a bit or research I have decided to try XLS , so far I have been fine , No nausea, no lose stools (only had them 3 days) But I have had a bit of flatulence ! ,
    I am also on anti seizer Meds Lamotrigine , Carbamazepine, and Levetiracetam and discussed my plans with the clinic They have advised ME that as I have been dieting and exercising sensibly for some time to try just 2 tablets after one main meal per day and keep them informed ,
    I have been advised to stop straight away if I have any problems .
    hope this is useful !

  123. Does xls enter the bloodstream or simply sit in the gut? Clearly traces can come through the gut wall but I’m trying to work out why you can take it while this just because it hasn’t been tested or does it reduce quality of breast milk?

    1. Hi Millie,
      We wish to clarify your comment in that XLS is NOT recommended if you’re still breastfeeding. All diet pills are not recommended if intending to get pregnant, during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.
      For more detailed and clinical information on exactly how the ingredients work we would suggest contacting XLS support directly, who can advise on the more technical aspects of their supplement.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  124. Hello. I take evening primrose oil & wonder if this will still be effective? From what I understand, will the fat binder mean that the EPO will not work? Many thanks.

  125. hello ive have been taking xls for a week now and have noticed i have put on weight and now do not no whether to continue or not, can you help?

    1. Hi Sharen,
      Have you modified your diet in anyway? Eating less, eating more? Have you been exercising, experienced any side effects, have regular bowel movements etc?
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. no im eating the same although i dont really exercise apart from walking my dog an hour to 2 hours a day as im retired im not so energetic, i just wondered if it was a case of getting used to them? i no when you exercise you put on sometimes before you see any benefits.

    3. Hi Sharen,
      You may find that if you don’t eat a high-fat diet that you may not lose much weight as this type of diet pill (fat binders) only work to reduce some of the dietary fat in your meals. If you tend to eat low-fat meals then the effects will be fairly negligible. Meaning that fat binders are not likely to be the best choice of supplement for you.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    1. Hi Lisa,
      We couldn’t find any literature stating that XLS is suitable for vegetarians. That said, the manufacturer does specify that they don’t add lactose or gluten during the manufacturing process.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. Hi Lisa,
      We have checked the box and are unable to see Gelatin on the box label. There is silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, chlorophylin, hydrogen phosphate dihydrate and croscarmellose sodium.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  126. fat is essential for your body, its important for many functions,just get all your macros from healthy foods and stay in a caloric deficit,dont waste your money on this,,also can you send me a link to the study,thanks

    1. Hi David,

      You are indeed correct. For many years “fat” has been seen as the bad guy in terms of diet but is essential for many processes in the body.
      The study conducted by Omega Pharma the manufacturers of XLS was completed in July 2012.

      Kind Regards
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    1. This is the answer I’m looking for too.
      Is it safe if you stop taking it once you find out you’re pregnant as I still have an extra stone from my last pregnancy so could do to shift some of it before I expand again!

    2. Hi Chelsey and Dannii,
      We have checked and the manufacturer advises against using the product IF you “Are pregnant or likely to become pregnant”.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    3. Hi Dannii,
      We are not 100% sure, but it’s likely to be that the product has not been tested on pregnant women so the effects (if any) are not known to the mother or baby. When it comes to pregnancy we have not seen any diet pills that are advised to be taken during this period.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    4. Ive just found out im around 3 to 4 weeks pregnant ive been taking xls medical im now so scared that its harmed my unborn could you please tell me if its harmed my unborn please i now have stopped them straight away

  127. I have currently been on XLS for 7 days now. The 6th day was the day I felt a big difference. Being a very hungry person I had practically no hunger what so ever and today. Although I’ve been feeling very nauseous, yesterday the 6th day I was not feeling pleasant at all. But I feel as of this pill will work very well as my appitite has vanished! I have a weight waters meal for lunch and dinner with 3 pills after and I’m fully satisfied for a change. I feel very full as when I eat such small meals I’m starving! This pill has made a massive difference as I’m all about big portions. I enjoy eating! Thumbs up so far regardless of feeling unpleasant now and then! 😀 I should weigh but I no I will see results on the scales!

    1. Hi Steve,

      We are not in a position to offer medical advice so would advise that you see your Doctor and explain what you are hoping to achieve. They will be able to advise whether taking a weight loss supplement like XLS Medical would be safe to take with your current medication.
      Diet Pill Watchdog Team

  128. hi im useing xls and its 4th day already c difference no loose poo everything as normal lets hope it will works for long time need to loose 1stone im starting with excercise saturday good luck for everybody

  129. Hi, after reading some of the comments on here I am surprised about peoples questions! Read the instructions on the packet, THOROUGHLY! I have an underactive thyroid and am on a daily dose of thyroxine, I also am over weight but with the right dosage of thyroxine you can take XLS BUT and I say BUT because, if you want to loose weight, change your diet and add exercise plus with using XLS you will see changes but it takes time and effort. If you are going to stuff your face and sit on your butt all day, don’t waste your money on XLS as you need to make a positive change in your lifestyle, this pill isn’t a miracle pill unless you help it along!

    1. Hi, I’m also taking levothyroxine – I wondered what sort of results you’ve seen? I have always been a size 8 (until the underactive thyroid) and now I’m a 14/16 🙁 I practically live at the gym and don’t eat more that 1300 calories a day. I’m hoping this could be the key? Thanks

    2. I take xls carb and fat binder I eat the same I don’t over do it on exercise I had a thyroidectomy ! I piled fair few pounds on and it’s getting much better since I tried xls best thing I’ve ever done and no bad side effects headache and nausea the first few days though then it subsided! main thing is drink lots of water all day (water is they key) while taking this xsl or you’ll get constipated ! To those with thryoid issues it’s much safer than a lot of others Ive researched about but I did consult my gp first as I was nervous of taking it ! i take my levythyroxine at night so that my xsl dosent interfere with absorption . I take carb xls x2 before each meal and x2 fat xls after each meal religiously all good ! I’ve lost nearly half a stone taken them solid for 3 months – but they don’t do anything if you don’t eat and they don’t do anything if you are a couch potatoe ! It wasn’t till the second week I noticed nothing but decided to do long walks and biking which suits me fine then I started seeing results after a month!

    3. HiI found your comments very useful. Since I popped iodine pill twice my thyroid no longer active .my doc says my levothyroxine has balanced out but my weight gain has been frightening going from size 10 to size 16 also my colestrol is more than it should be . all since I killed my thyroid . sandy

  130. what if i only have a soup and abread roll or maybe a tuna sallad for lunch do i stilltake the pills or just when i have a heavy meal for tea

  131. Hi

    Having taken Alli in the past I was not very impressed with lose stools at unexpected occasions! Are there any reports of unexpected loose stools with xls or do they bind it until you go to the toilet naturally?

    1. Hi Vickie,
      So far no consumers have reported loose stools whilst taking XLS Medical. A few consumers have reported on here of insomnia and slight nausea.
      Anyone suffer from loose bowels?
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. Thanks Admin.

      I am currently doing Slimming World and have noticed a plateau with my weight lately. So far I have lost 2 stone 3lbs.

      Like they say at Tesco, ‘every little helps’ and I hope that is the case with these tablets!!

      The best deal I have found is 180 tablets from Amazon for £34.00.

      Thanks again 🙂

    3. im also doing slimming world, and lost a stone in 12 weeks, but now finding it hard to lose, hoping these tablets help get me back on track for the next 2 stone i have to lose, does anyone know once you stop taking these tablets will i put the weight back on?

    4. this is a load of crap watch dog. i have been on xls and aqua-ban both together and requalar i have had no side effects what so ever my energy levels are brilliant i feel refreshed after having plenty of hours sleep and my weight as lost 5 stone in 6 months and i am very happy considering i have suffered many years with depression i dont anymore and my sex life is very exciting now and 7 days a week. so go with the flow guys if xls suits you stick with it dont take notice of this crap untill you see the difference yourselfs you will never know if it works for you.

    5. Carole. Wow nice to read positives for a change I take xls carb and fat binder I eat the same I don’t over do it on exercise I had a thyroidectomy ! I piled fair few pounds on and it’s getting much better since I tried xls best thing I’ve ever done and no bad side effects headache and nausea the first few days though then it subsided! main thing is drink lots of water all day (water is they key) while taking this xsl or you’ll get constipated ! To those with thryoid issues it’s much safer than a lot of others Ive researched about but I did consult my gp first as I was nervous of taking it ! i take my levythyroxine at night so that my xsl dosent interfere with absorption . I take carb xls x2 before each meal and x2 fat xls after each meal religiously all good !

    6. Yep, loose stools on day three after constipation, nausea and trouble sleeping. No weight loss but About to give up!

  132. Hi I had a baby 3 weeks ago would I be able to start taking XLS, I’m not Brest feeding. I put on alot of weight during pregnancy around 7 stone.

    1. Hi Kris,
      The manufacturer recommends not taking them if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding only and do not specify otherwise. If you’re unsure you may wish to speak to your GP to clarify.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    1. Hi Kirsty,
      You do not require a prescription to take XLS Medical. If you suffer from any existing medical condition or are unsure if this supplement is suitable for you, then we would suggest speaking to your GP first.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  133. On day 1 of xls medical I took 6 tablets, 2 after each meal, by bed time I had severe nausea, I also could not sleep due to feeling sick, day 2 I still feel sick, maybe the tablets do not agree with me, I have not taken any more 🙁

  134. hi
    I have epilepsy and take tegretol and zonegram. I love the way they say it’s all natural so has no side effects. Often natural plants can have severe side effects. For example, if I have rosemary it will lead to a seizure. Is it ok to still take XLS – medical?
    thank you.

    1. Hi Sue,
      The manufacturers recommend seeing professional medical advice from your GP if you’re taking any existing medication. Your GP will know your medical history and whether XLS (or any supplement) is suitable for you.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  135. Hi, I got XLS Medical from boots, I took 2 pills after lunch with water and 2pills after supper, I could not sleep for 2 days is it only me?

    1. Thanks for posting your experience here Petra. We have not received any feedbacks (so far) from consumers about this. Anyone else suffer similar side effect?
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. I usually do have problems sleeping. I’ve been taking these pills for two days and both nights I have fallen asleep within an hour of going to bed and slept all night. Thats said I’ve also had much more energy so have worked out more than usual too

    3. I am having the same symptoms, not being able to sleep. I have had only 5 hrs yesterday and I think today will be the same??? Strange

    4. No it is not only you, I am on day 5, went to bed at 11.30pm and wide awake at 2am, it is now 5am and still not tired !!!!

    5. Yep me too. I never have problems sleeping until I started these 3 days ago. Wide awake at 4am since I started. Day three and very loose stools, tummy cramps and headache!! No weight loss btw!!

    1. Hi Marie,
      The manufacturers of XLS Medical, Omega Pharma, recommend consulting your healthcare professional before taking XLS-Medical if you have an existing medical condition or you are taking any medicines.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. Did you find out if you can take this with thyroxine as I am also on thyroxine..


    3. Hi Linzi,

      As with any product like this it is best to consult your Doctor or Physician when you have a known medical condition like this. This is the only advice we can give as we are not in a position of offer medical advice ourselves.

      Our researchers have been busy with an article regarding Thyroid problems so look out for that as it will be published shortly and may well be useful to you.


      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  136. hi, does it remove any fat that i allready have? im on the cambridge diet at the moment, i have 4 shakes a day with no food, its driving me insane! could i take these in addition to this diet? im in ketosis.

    1. Hi Shelly,
      This diet pill removes fat from your meals and will not directly remove stored fat. We would not recommend the diet that you are currently following as it seems from the little information you have given that it’s quite an extreme diet to follow! We would suggest eating healthy meals and following a regular exercise programme and only then consider a diet plan/pill.
      Following what seems to be a starvation diet rarely works and goes against all the healthy guidelines for weight loss. The problem is also they tend to be counter-productive in that your metabolic rate will inevitably reduce, meaning when you resume a normal diet you easily put on the weight again.
      It may be worth considering getting some professional advice from your GP, as we are not qualified doctors and do not know your full medical history.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. Hi, this last comment has just proved to me that your website is really not reliable as you have not even bothered to look into what this person is talking about. The Cambridge Weight Plan is a perfectly safe and healthy way to lose weight, which was devised by doctors some 30 years ago and works very well. It is also recommended on the NHS website and consists of several steps that introduce food without the person putting weight back on and work towards a healthy balanced diet. If you’re willing to dish out advice without even knowing what you’re on about, your advice is worth nothing I’m sorry to say.

    3. Hi Fiona,
      Thank you for your feedback. If we have overlooked or reported inaccurate information we welcome feedback that highlights or corrects this.
      Regarding the Cambridge Weight Plan, the NHS highlight that this programme can cause initial side effects and don’t regard this, and similar plans, as a long-term option. Moreover the NHS website give the following information when looking at the “top 10 diets”:
      “Many of the diets listed here are quick fixes and may not be sustainable or healthy in the long term. They could make your weight more likely to fluctuate or ‘yo-yo’. ”
      More information is available here:
      Our reply was not based on quesioning the effectiveness of The Cambridge Weight Plan, but on the safety of consuming a very low calorie diet (VLCD) and top of this taking a diet pill. The diet shakes look to be around 143Kcal each, so consuming 4 per day and no food means you are taking less than 600Kcals per day. We are not aware of ANY health professional who would suggest this is a healthy way to lose weight!
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  137. Sounds good has anyone tried this & been successful?I mean someone not in the trials?
    And what happened to the alli tabs? Theyre virtually unavailable everywhere!!!!

    1. XLS is on offer in Boots at the moment on a ‘3 for 2’ which means that it costs £51.98 for a month’s supply. I have been using them for 10 days now, I have lost 6llbs, am not so hungry so am eating less and have more energy. The only difference I have noticed is that I am going to the loo more often!

    2. They are selling them on amazon at £33 for a months supply of 180 so would be cheaper to try them there. 🙂

    3. Hi my name is Stacey I have been on the xls for a week now I have started to loose weight now I have found that they do work.
      I feel much better than I did.

    4. Stacey – how do you take them is it with food ? or half an hour prior to the meal – (as per xls) ,

    5. i cant see a weight loss but certainly with some exercise i have lost 16 inches over my whole body and can definately see the difference.

    1. Hi Jo,
      We would advise you that you consult a healthcare professional before taking XLS-Medical if you have a medical condition or are taking any medication.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. I’m on sustained release Venlafaxine: will the xls flush the medication through prematurely, and reduce it’s effects?

    1. Hi Ann,
      The recommended advice is not to take XLS if you’re diabetic as Diabetic patients may have to adjust their daily anti-diabetic treatment to avoid hypoglycaemic attacks.
      We would suggest speaking to your GP.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team