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XLS Medical Fat Binder

Eating too much fat in your diet? XLS Medical Fat Binder claims to be the answer to reducing calories from fat by blocking up to 27% of your dietary fat intake.

Incorporated into a weight loss plan that has Mica Paris as a fan, we take a closer look at this fat binder and ask whether this product is really an effective way to reduce fat intake.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Pros

  • Ingredients backed by clinical trials
  • Available from trusted online retailers

XLS Medical Fat Binder Cons

  • Little expensive
  • Official website limited information
  • No manufacturer guarantee
  • Some consumers have reported side effects
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

XLS Medical Fat Binder

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What You Need To Know About XLS Medical Fat Binder

XLS Medical is a supplement that contains no stimulants and just 100% natural ingredients that should cause no side effects. That said a number of consumers have not only reported side effects but weight loss was minimal, if at all.

Although weight loss should be possible by taking XLS Medical it should be used with the “123 Hello Me” weight loss programme for best results. It’s worth bearing in mind that fat binders are NOT fast acting and weight loss will take time for them to work.

What Are The Side Effects Of XLS Medical Fat Binder?

There seems to be no negative side effects with XLS Medical fat binders, although the manufacturer reports no side effects a number of consumers have reported loose stools or, in contrast, feeling constipated.

How Much Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Cost?

You can buy XLS Medical fat binder from £24.99 for 60 capsules, but this is enough for only 10 days supply. 1 month’s supply of XLS Medical contains 180 capsules and costs £59.99 available from Boots Online and in store.

Our Verdict On XLS Medical Fat Binder

XLS Medical has no money-back guarantee directly from the manufacturers, but it is available by reliable and trusted retailers both online and on the UK High Street.

It was somewhat a tough decision but in the end we decided to reject XLS Medical Fat Binder. The ingredient amounts have been clinically proven to work, albeit very slowly, and it’s available from a trusted retailer, but consumer feedback we have received has been very mixed with reports of possible side effects.

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XLS Medical Fat Binder Review

We started off by picking up a box of XLS Medical fat binder from our local Boots store, as its available exclusively in Boots. It’s a popular brand and it seems to have replaced the popular Alli in High Street Boots stores; even the staff seemed to recommend this brand.

The price we felt was a little steep at £64.99 (price is now £59.99) although you can collect Boots points if you have a Boots store card!

XLS Medical Fat Binder Facts

  • Recommended to be used with “123 Hello me” 12-week weight loss programme
  • Successfully used and endorsed by legendary vocalist Mica Paris
  • Suitable for anyone who eats high fat content meals

The packaging is more medical looking than many of the more commercial looking fat binders on the market. Although it’s not clear from the advertising in-store, XLS Medical should be used as part of the “123 Hello Me” 12-week weight loss programme.

How to Take XLS Medical Fat Binder

Take 2 tablets with water after breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have a very high fat content meal you can take 3 tablets. Never exceed more than 6 tablets per day.

Mica Paris endorses XLS MedicalThe 3 step programme is designed to ensure you eat sensibly, keep active and regularly take XLS-Medical. The official “123 Hello Me” website features legendary singer Mica Paris’s story of how she successfully used XLS Medical to lose 2 stones and drop 2 dress sizes, all in just 3 1/2 months.


XLS Medical Fat Binder Concerns:

  • Concerns over how much can really be lost with fat binders
  • No money-back guarantee offered
  • Some consumers have reported side effects

As with many fat binders you can end up taking a LOT of tablets each day, XLS Medical is no different in that you take 1-3 tablets with liquid, immediately after each main meal. There are questions as to how effective fat binders can really be though and we look to address these concerns too!

What Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Claim To Do?

XLS Medical claims to be a certified Medical Device product that contains a clinically proven ingredient and essential vitamins that can help you lose 3 times more weight than dieting alone!

XLS-Medical works by binding fats you eat and helps you feel fuller for longer

The supplement is “gentle on your system” and “starts working in just 3 days and you’ll notice a difference in 4 week”.

Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Work?

The main ingredient Litramine has been extensively studied by the owners InQpharm. Two clinical studies, one in 2003 and more recently in 2007, are referenced by XLS Medical to show that Litramine reduces fat absorption by around 27%.

The results of the studies concluded that Litramine reduces dietary fat absorption through gastrointestinal fat binding and could lead to weight loss.

A study published in Advances in Therapy in 2007 has shown how the NeOpuntia (Litramine) ingredient in XLS Medical could also reduce bad cholesterol by 10% in 14 days and reduce metabolic syndrome by 39% within 42 days. More information about the nature of the clinical trial and the amount of NeOpuntia used is needed before this finding can be confirmed though!

An issue found with some fat binders is the removal of additional fat can reduce the amount of fat soluble vitamins. XLS Medical combats this by providing additional fat soluble A, D and E vitamins.

It would seem that clinical data is supportive of the weight loss claims made by XLS Medical and it could be possible to lose weight.

What Are The Ingredients of XLS Medical Fat Binder?

The official website (even the box itself!) contains little information on the ingredients used in this supplement.

So let’s take a look at in the ingredients:

  • Litramine: Patented natural fibre complex derived mainly from Opuntia ficus-indica and has the ability to bind fats. Studies have shown Litramine to reduce fat absorption by up to 27% with no undesirable side effects. It has been shown to be safe, certified organic and does not contain any known allergens. It is manufactured and distributed by InQpharm. (Source: http://www.litramine.com/)
  • Vitamin A- acetate: Fat soluble vitamin essential for eye health and has been suggested to increase longevity, but little evidence backs up these claims.
  • Vitamin D3: Fat soluble vitamin that is essential for health. Can be synthesised by exposure to sunlight, supplementation can be useful during periods of inadequate sunlight exposure, useful if you’re living in the UK!
  • Vitamin E-acetate: Fat soluble vitamin with many functions, most well known for its antioxidant properties.

Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Have Any Side Effects?

There seems to be no negative side effects with XLS Medical fat binders, although the manufacturer reports no side effects a number of consumers have reported loose stools or, in contrast, feeling constipated.

You are advised against taking XLS Medical if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 18.5.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For XLS Medical Fat Binder?

There are no consumer reviews on the official website or on the Boots website. There are some positive reports on Mumsnet that XLS Medical has worked. The feedback we have received from consumers though as been very mixed.

After extensive researching online we found no reports of XLS Medical scams or rip-offs.

Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Where Can I Buy XLS Medical Fat Binder?

XLS Medical is not available directly from the manufacturer but from retailers Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy. Boots is the better known retailer and has established a good reputation in the UK for both prescription drugs and wide range of non-prescription supplements.

You can buy XLS Medical fat binder from £24.99 for 60 capsules, but this is enough for only 10 days supply. 1 month’s supply of XLS Medical contains 180 capsules and costs £59.99 available from Boots Online and in store.

How does XLS Medical Fat Binder compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaXLS Medical Fat Binder ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

#1 Consumer Choice 2017: Phentaslim

Phentaslim is Diet Pills Watchdog Approved


Thousands of customers have cut the fat with this fast and powerful thermogenic fat burner. Can suppress appetite, boost energy levels and elevate mood without the jitters.

  • Over 100,000 satisfied customers
  • Manufactured in a GMP facility
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping and buy 3 get 1 FREE offers!

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

286 comments on “XLS Medical Fat Binder”

  1. Steve says:

    These don’t just magically make you lose weight people. It binds a percentage of the fat you eat which you then pass out in your stool instead of your body absorbing it. But if all you’re eating is carb/sugar heavy foods whilst following a low fat diet then obviously it’s not going to work because you’re not eating the fat in the first place.

    A rough example would be: say you eat a cheese burger with mayo, this would absorb maybe a quarter of the fat (in this example the fats are in the cheese, burger meat and mayo) which would probably equate to a few hundred calories that it absorbs. So it’s like you didn’t put a quarter of the cheese, mayo and animal fat in the burger.

    However if you ate 100 potatoes and took this, it wouldn’t do anything, because there’s hardly any fat in a potato, but you’d still gain weight because you ate 16,000 calories that aren’t fats.

    Where I could see these really working is with something like the ketogenic diet, because that’s a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet.

  2. Sue says:

    Can I take xls medical with taking requip for Parkinson

  3. Annie says:

    Quite agree with others – they are no good at all. Originally, I used up some old ones (just the standard ones) and they appeared to work the first week. I then bought the Max Strength ones and also took the XLS appetite suppresents even though the chemist said I should not take them both together. Unfortunately these did nothing at all I only lost 1.5lbs first week of taking and 3/4lb when taking the appetite ones as well (no change in appetite at all, was still hungry), I would have lost these amounts anyway as I was dieting!
    Not going to bother with anymore of them so DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY !

  4. Sheila johnson says:

    Just to advise everyone Not!!!!
    To buy this product I have been taking these for a month also 1000 calories a day with a weight loss of 0.they are far to expensive.i was on the x.l medical max strength if anything they made me constipated don’t waste your money.

  5. Loren says:

    I’m 18 I’ve been taking the fat binder tablets I’ve been feeling really tired why is this

  6. Annette says:

    I would advice nobody to buy these WASTE OF MONEY all they do is give you constipation soo disappointed so pricey I know a few ppl to try these should be banned read watchdog reports don’t advice them

    1. Irina says:

      I have completed 12 days… no result, and I eat less then before… no fat/junk food, very little fibre, problems with the toilet. So disappointed!!! Waist of money!!!

  7. Gwen says:

    I live in France and they say take 2 tablets in the morning with water. No more. Anyone had a sore,tongue whilst on them…. Could be coincidence but mine feels sore.

  8. Deanna says:

    Does anyone know if it is ok to take the xls medical max strength if you have the implant? Obviously once I start taking them I don’t want it to stop the implant from working!
    Many thanks

  9. Louise says:

    It was suggested by my GP that I try XLS after many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight gained due to Polycyctic Overy Syndrome. I am happy to say that the only major side effect I saw was weight loss! I have been taking these and been monitored by my physician for 18 months now and in that time have lost 20lbs. It is not a miracle cure to lose weight quickly but it has helped reduce my weight and keep it off. One of the biggest issues for a lot of women with PCOS is that your body does not break down fat as it should and instead holds onto it, so that even a low fat diets doesn’t stop the slow creep of weight. XLS has been great for managing this. As with any weight loss medications or treatments you should seek medical guidance before deciding. If XLS doesn’t work for you there is a good likelihood that your body is not meant to take it. No different than if you were a non type one diabetic and you decided to take insulin shots. Don’t take what you don’t need. But if you have a genuine health problem related to your body not processing fat, then this is a good option to explore with your doctor.

  10. Sands says:

    Hi I’m trying to get pregnant and I’m taking clomid tablets, I just want to know if its safe to take xsl. I am exercising every day but with little results so I just wanted something to help

  11. wendy says:

    I’m on a slimming world diet (which I had lost 1.5 stone) however to speed things up I started taking xsl. Almost a month has gone and I have put on 5lb thus far…..I am hungry all the time…..also going to ‘the toilet’ is rare and painful when I do.
    I have been drinking more water, exercise regularly and really can’t understand it.
    I have one strip to finish then I’m done.

  12. Dee says:

    I am on thyroxin and I had a kidney transplant 3 years ago, would I be able to take this drug.
    I am on 2.5 Advagraf and 2000 mg of mycophenolate mofetil
    Many thanks

  13. Deanna says:

    Xls should be sold behind the counter or prescribed by your GP. My 15 year old niece was able to purchase these diet pills from the isle shelf and when she paid for them, they didn’t question her age or reason for purchasing. She is anorexic and with taking these tablets, found it a quick and easy way to lose weight. Her weight plummeted to 6 Stone, when before, she was over 8 stone. That weight loss, was within 3/4 weeks, her sugar levels hit rock bottom, hair was limp, skin flaked away, she just lost all nutrients in her little body. She is now gaining weight with the help of her family and regular visits to the clinic but knowing that these tablets are at easy reach, puts those with eating disorders at high risk of being in Gods waiting room.

  14. marie culbert says:

    Can i take xls medical while taking thyroxin

    1. Sandy says:

      Have you had any replies from your question as I was going to ask the same?

    2. Tracyospina says:

      Can you take this with under active thyroid

    3. Lori says:

      I am 67
      Can I take xls, I am on beta blockers for blood pressure and asacol for ulcerative colitis,
      Thank you for your help
      Lori Monksfield

  15. kellyg says:

    Hi, just wondering can you take xls medical while you have the contraceptive implant or will it affect it?

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