XLS Medical versus Phentaslim

We compare two of the leading diet pills on the market, XLS Medical and Phentaslim, side by side to see which supplement comes out on top. Will the UK’s leading fat binder give you the weight loss you’re after or will the leading fat burner help burn the fat?

We have seen some confusion between Fat Burners and Fat Binders and how they work in some customer reviews over the years, and have even seen websites lumping Fat Burners and Fat Binders together when categorising their supplement range. Fat Burners and Fat Binders (sometimes referred to as Fat Blockers) work to aid weight loss in completely different ways to each other. Below, we explain the differences between the two, using the examples of XLS Medical Fat Binder and Phentaslim (a fat burner).

XLS Medical Max Strength vs. Phentaslim

XLS Medical Max Strength Phentaslim bottle
How it works Fat binder Fat burner, appetite suppressant
Number of active ingredients One, plus vitamins Nine, plus seven vitamins & minerals
Cost (one month’s supply) £39.99 – £59.99 £36.99 ($59.99)
Money-back guarantee No 60 days
Dosage 6 tablets per days 3 capsules per days
Side effects Can give loose stools Unlikely unless very sensitive to caffeine
Discounts available Sometimes Multi-package and customer discounts
Available in-store? Yes No
Additional benefits Risk of unpleasant digestive side effects should make consumers more aware of what they are eating Some ingredients reduce muscle pain and recovery time following exercise
Review Our Review Our Review

How does XLS Medical fat binding work?

Fat Binders do not affect the metabolism or the body’s central nervous system at all, as they work purely within the digestive system of the body. They usually contain a fibrous ingredient that absorbs fat from food in the stomach, which helps to prevent some of the fat being digested. This fibre-fat combination then passes through the digestive system to be passed as faecal matter, as it is not small enough to pass through the walls of the intestines, and so cannot be used as energy (or stored as fat) by the body. The idea behind this is that the calorific value of each meal is reduced, which over time should aid weight loss. However, this type of supplement can cause side effects such as loose or oily stools, or even diarrhoea, especially if the consumer has too much fat in their diet.

Fat Binders also mean that the consumer has to follow a delicate balancing act; if they have no fat in their diet, then the product is pointless and will not aid weight loss. Too much fat in the consumer’s diet will cause unpleasant and embarrassing side effects. Long term use of fat binders can have other health implications too; the body needs to get a full range of vitamins and minerals to operate at its best, and fat binders may cause the consumer to have a deficiency of fat soluble vitamins, especially when used over a prolonged period of time.

One huge problem we have noticed in reviews of fat binding supplements, primarily with XLS Medical Fat Binder, is that people overestimate the strength and effectiveness of the supplement, stop monitoring their eating habits, or feel that they can eat ‘as much as they like’ and still lose weight, and then inevitably gain weight instead. XLS Medical’s marketing campaign states that consumers can lose 30% more weight with XLS Medical, adding in small print “in combination with diet and exercise, compared to diet and exercise alone”. However, we believe that this small print is often ignored or overlooked, especially in the few seconds it is on the screen during a TV advert.

How does Phentaslim fat burner work?

Fat Burning weight loss supplements work by increasing the body’s metabolic rate, helping to burn more calories overall. Some individual ingredients are thought to promote fat burning directly. Thermogenic fat burners, such as green tea, stimulate thermogenesis in the body- the process of creating body heat, which again burns more calories in the process. Stimulant fat burners, such as caffeine, affect the central nervous system, causing an increase in the metabolism and often also causing an energy boost as well.

In our experience the best fat burning supplements combine several ingredients that work to burn fat and calories through a variety of these mechanisms, maximising potential weight loss, whilst minimising the chances of side effects. Some stimulant fat burners can cause severe or unpleasant side effects, so be sure to check out the reviews of individual supplements to see the full list of potential side effects that could develop whilst taking a product. Strong stimulants such as bitter orange, yohimbe and synephrine are more likely to cause side effects.

Comparing Ingredients in XLS Medical and Phentaslim

XLS Medical contains a single active ingredient, Litramine. Litramine works exactly as described above- it is a patented fibrous complex that binds with fat molecules in the stomach, letting some of them pass through the body undigested. Whilst it can aid significant weight loss, if the consumer can find the right balance of fats and total calories in their meals, it is definitely not suited to everyone. The inclusion of vitamins A, D and E is supposed to combat the issue of fat soluble vitamin deficiencies in the long term, but there is little information available about how effective this actually is.

Phentaslim contains a blend of several clinically proven ingredients, including green tea, caffeine, guarana, cayenne, theanine and black pepper extract. Green tea and cayenne promote thermogenesis, whilst caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to increase energy levels and the metabolism. Black pepper increases the amount of active ingredients, especially caffeine, that are absorbed into the bloodstream, making the product more potent for the same dose, whilst theanine aids relaxation, and is thought to reduce the potential side effects of caffeine, especially jitters. L-carnitine and L-tyrosine may help to reduce fatigue, whilst Panax Ginseng may help to reduce muscle damage after exercise, helping to speed up recovery time.

How Effective are XLS Medical and Phentaslim?

Weight Loss, in its most basic and simplified form, is achieved by consuming fewer calories per day than the body burns each day. If this deficit is achieved, the body will begin to use fat stores as a source of energy, burning fat and leading to weight loss.

XLS Medical Fat Binder apparently binds around 27% of dietary fat, reducing the calorific value of the meal. However, if a consumer is still overeating, even this may not be enough to move their body into a calorific deficit.

Phentaslim increases the number of calories burnt by the body per day, but again, if the consumer overeats, then the consumer could still gain weight, or remain at a stable weight. A lighter person will have a lower metabolic rate than a heavier person, and this is typically why weight loss is faster at the beginning of a diet, and slows as you approach your target weight- your metabolism has slowed down in line with your body’s reduced energy needs, and so it is more difficult to maintain a significant calorific deficit by dieting alone.

Our Verdict: XLS Medical or Phentaslim?

XLS Medical versus Phentaslim
Consumers should remember that with both XLS Medical Fat Binder and Phentaslim, as well as any other diet pill, that the products are going to work best in combination with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise. Overeating can easily cancel out all of the benefits from both of these diet pills!

Fat binding supplements do work for some people, but in our opinion, fat burners, especially those with safe and effective ingredients such as Phentaslim, are overall a better choice for many people. Remember to check out our full reviews for in-depth information!

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Bought 5 days ago doesn’t notice lose of appetite yet,but going often to the toilet and a bit more energetic.Wil keep u update later.

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