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Zero-cal capsules

Here’s a similar one that came in the mail: Zero-cal capsules.It’s supposed to be what astronauts use in space and developed by aerospace researcher Mark Johanston. But I googled, and there’s nothing on him, the pills, or the company, Global Weight Management.

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274 comments on “Zero-cal capsules”

  1. Barb says:

    Received a mailer today – this one is located in South Portland, ME and the phone #888-289-6466. Just wanted to give a current phone # for those who might need it, before I toss this thing in the trash.

  2. Doris B says:

    I couldn’t help but read through the many comments the majority,(about 95%),are negative. However, it is apparent that certain situations were inserted most likely by the company themselves. The two major issues I noticed that they are working both from Canada and the USA. That is why so many different numbers and working from Post office boxes instead of a physical address tells a lot. Also, buyer beware as one consumer pointed out that he/she actually had to have their credit card number changed as they kept trying to put the sale through. My credit card has blocked them but I always monitor my accounts continuously.

  3. Doris B says:

    Well, it definitely is a scam and there are several numbers and locations…lol! I was especially intrigued with the woman who lost 4 lbs. overnight. I fortunately always purchase items with my chase card because they provide protection with these kinds of scammers. The update of there location is in Texas and the phone number that they are using is 1-866-951-8010. I was promised 3 times regarding my refund which never materialized, my final communication with them was that they had sent out a check a week ago and now they would have to file for a lost check…keep in mind it was supposed to be credited back on my card but they had problems…LOL! I called Chase and I have received 100% refund and they are blocked from trying to charge my card again. I believe that these made up stories are being done by the company itself. Hope everyone reads this before they get a headache trying to get their monies back.

  4. Tammie says:

    I ordered the diet pills, received in a timely manner, Did Not lose any weight, I sent the empty bottles back and Did receive a refund HOWEVER I was encouraged to purchase a New Era vitamin I Did Healthy Choice Daily was a disaster, not good customer service

  5. patti says:

    Yes I too have take all of the bottle but NO Weight Lose so buyer be aware. just saying!!!!!!

  6. CSauder says:

    New flyer new number: 855-297-5619
    BBB show the company has a postal box address in Canada also. My flyer states Dallas, TX.

  7. Marisol says:

    NO! The answer to everything is just NO. They sent me the flyer, I was in a desperate state the day I received it and went on an impulse when I ordered it. It sounded so good, I didn’t even question it like I normally do. I got 1 bottle, received it fairly quick in the mail. It came with a crap pink plastic moonstone “pendant” and necklace chain that the clamp didn’t even work on. The guy who sold me the product over the phone promised me that it was guaranteed to work. He said don’t change anything, eat as normal and you are still going to lose weight. He is a liar. This company is crap. They have no legitimate website info and all I can seem to find are negative responses. I returned the bottle as the lady on the phone instructed, in a bubble wrap envelope with a copy of the original receipt inside and 2 pills left in the bottle. She said they will mail me a check. We shall see. I gained weight, I gained 5 pounds the month I took it, and that’s a lot for my small frame. So do yourself a favor and please don’t buy this.

  8. Linda says:

    I received their flyer in the mail, their customer service # is 1-866-951-8010. I paid extra $7 for express delivery, received it 8 days later, tried it for 2 weeks and in fact gained 2 pounds. I returned it and am waiting on refund. I believe this is a scam and don’t fall for it!

  9. judy says:

    I tried to order the Zero-Cal capsules,my bank put a block on my card, and boy am I glad. I will call the bank and thank them

    1. Marisol says:

      I had to get a whole new credit card sent to me because the credit card company noticed a unidentified charge that they had to block. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving with these people… I wish I never would have bothered. They should be stopped, it looks like this has been going on for years. 🙁



    1. Anna Marie says:

      I called them today (to order more) and this is the number that worked for me… 855-297-5619.

    2. Marisol says:

      Here’s another number, I used this one a few days ago to cancel my failed monthly trial 🙁

  11. Jamie says:

    My mom purchased $106.00 worth of pills about 10 days ago. And a purchase at a Michael Khors in Florida happened yesterday… We live in Arkansas, and never been to Florida….Don’t purchase this with your debit card or credit card. Complete scam…. My mom had just got her debit card and this was her first purchase…..

  12. Ann Mich. says:

    Just rec’d my flyer today. I was so excited until I found this site. Really am grateful for all the posted information, Will have to make up my mind wheather to try or not Seems there was success from some.

    1. Eileen says:

      It had work for I have been trying to call the following number 8552975619 and the # is always busy I want to order sone more can some one give me the right # please to the filling email addy up at the top of this saying

  13. E D Harris says:

    Two years ago I ordered this product. The first two weeks I lost nothing.Then the following week I started losing. It took 3 weeks to drop 20 pounds (Five weeks total) When I called the number to get a refill it gave another number for returning customers. When I called that number there was a recording that stated they were unable to continue filling orders. That once they have the problem resolved they would resume selling the Zero-Cal Caps. Imagine my disappointment. For a month I called the number and got the same message. Then I turned to the internet and found nothing but similar pills, which I did not order.
    Today, I received a new order form from the same name, address, and a different phone number, which I jumped on immediately to order. I am absolutely thrilled they are back in business even ordering more than I need in case this happens again.
    All I know is it worked for me and I can”t wait to get my order. In my experience with this company they have my loyalty.Their product may not do 100% of what they claim, but for me and the way I took their product it did 100% for me.
    One last thing…. I don’t believe in a ” magic pill”. I did consume 1200-1500 calories per day. Due to physical limitations I did not work out. It did not interfere with my medications. The best part, two years later, I have not put the 20 pounds back on.

    1. E D Harris says:

      I do not work for this company nor do I have any ties to this company. I have no financial interest in this company or its product.

  14. J L Lorette says:

    The Telephone # is 1 855 297 5619 – just received a mailer – you don’t say good or bad – comments are 2003 what gives?

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