Energy drinks have soared in popularity over the last decade, particularly amongst young people looking for an extra mental and physical boost in the gym, at work or at home. One major issue with products like these for most consumers is their high sugar and caffeine content, making most energy drinks extremely calorific and unhealthy.

Below we take an in-depth look at the slightly new approach to energy drinks laid out by Zipfizz; an energy drink powder that claims to have no sugar and just 20 calories per serving.

Zipfizz Pros

  • Has excellent customer feedback on Amazon
  • Just 20 calories per serving
  • Relatively inexpensive when purchased from certain retailers

Zipfizz Cons

  • Quantities of Vitamin B12 is worryingly high
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Some customers complain about the taste
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What You Need To Know About Zipfizz

Zipfizz is essentially a blend of caffeine, vitamins, minerals, and sweeteners in powdered form. Users are instructed to pour the powder into a glass of water and drink the resulting mix 15-30 minutes before a workout.

The unique aspect of Zipfizz is the extraordinarily high levels of Vitamin B12 in the mix. Vitamin B12 is often said to boost energy by helping the body to convert glucose into energy. Zipfizz contains 40,000% of the RDA for Vitamin B12; with such a huge overdose, it’s unclear whether the Vitamin B12 contained within the mix will be effective or even safe over time.

What Are The Side Effects Of Zipfizz?

The high levels of Vitamin B12 contained within Zipfizz could cause unexpected issues over longer periods. Taking three tubes per day (the limit recommended by the manufacturer) will mean that customers could be taking up to 120,000% of their RDA for Vitamin B12. Large doses like these can cause acne or lead to dizziness or a lack of coordination.

Like with all energy drinks, the caffeine contained within Zipfizz increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, and may cause irregular heartbeats, insomnia, headaches and nausea for some users.

The full list of side effects that could occur due to the ingredients found in Zipfizz can be found below, under the Side Effects Tab.

How Much Does Zipfizz Cost?

Zipfizz can be found quite cheaply from retailers like Amazon; a pack of 30 tubes can be found for as little as $26.59 plus shipping. Buying directly from the manufacturer can be much more expensive. Regular packs of 20 tubes are available for $37.99, and special edition packs of 30 tubes are available for $49.99.

Smaller promotional packs of 10 tubes can be purchased for $17.99, all with free shipping. Like with any product that is available from a range of retailers, make sure to take time out to find the best deal at the time of buying.

Our Verdict On Zipfizz

As a product, Zipfizz has a number of positives that are worth highlighting. It fulfils its claim of providing energy for 20 calories and no sugar, and the majority of customers seem impressed with the product in their feedback. Although some complain about the taste, they appear to be in the minority.

It can be purchased for a relatively low price from certain retailers, and although there is no apparent money-back guarantee from the manufacturers, certain outlets do offer their own guarantees if any customer would feel more comfortable purchasing with one.

The main problems with Zipfizz are related to its somewhat gimmicky nature. The powder mix contains a blend of vitamins and minerals, which is harmless enough in of itself. However, it claims to provide an extra boost of energy due to the inclusion of a massive dose of Vitamin B12.

We would argue that the science behind this is gimmicky and unproven (the massive dose of Vitamin B12 is just as likely to be urinated out unprocessed as there is a limit to how much glucose can be converted into energy) and could cause an embarrassing onset of acne or dizziness. Although Zipfizz is otherwise good, we would like to hear more evidence of the long term effects of taking up to 120,000% of the RDA for Vitamin B12 every day.

We do not recommend Zipfizz to our readers!

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Zipfizz Review

Zipfizz is an energy-drink mixing powder that claims to increase energy in a healthy way. The formula contains no sugar and relies primarily on a mixture of Vitamin B12 and caffeine to deliver the energy buzz, along with a liberal mix of other vitamins and minerals. The company claims that this particular approach to energy boosting delivers 4-6 hours of energy without the “crash” associated with other energy drinks.

Zipfizz Facts

  • Manufactured by Zipfizz Corporation
  • Comes in packs of 10, 20 or 30 tubes
  • Available on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon and other retail stores

Zipfizz comes in 2 different forms – the original powdered form and in a B12-infused liquid shot. As the ingredients lists (and the expected effects) are slightly different, we will only be covering the powdered form in this review.

How to Take Zipfizz

Directions for use are as follows: Use 16-20 fl. oz. cold H20 (Drink a Sip to Make Room). Add 1 tube of Zipfizz Powder. Shake It Up & Enjoy! Tip: Use 15-30 min. prior to heightened activity.

Zipfizz is manufactured by Zipfizz Corporation, which began producing the product in 2003. The company can be reached by email or post at the following address:

Zipfizz Concerns:

  • Quantities of Vitamin B12 could be harmfully high if used as directed
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Ingredient quantities not listed in proprietary formula

What Does Zipfizz Claim To Do?

Zipfizz claims to give users a significant energy boost (like any other energy drink) without the associated “crash” of sugar and caffeine-based drinks. It also claims that the blend of vitamins and minerals will help to protect the immune system, and the avoidance of sugary drinks will ultimately lower the carbohydrates and calories in the system. To quote the manufacturer’s website:

Zipfizz is a healthy and great tasting energy drink-mix powder that delivers a powerful charge of micronutrients to the body’s fuel system. It contains no ephedra or other artificial stimulants. Most people experience an immediate, revitalizing burst of energy after taking Zipfizz.

Does Zipfizz Work?

Most indications suggest that Zipfizz will work to provide energy, although whether this effect comes from the high levels of Vitamin B12 or the addition of caffeine is unclear. The high doses of Vitamin B12 in this product (which would give the user 120,000% of their RDA if used as directed) may not be as wildly effective as it appears at first glance – your body will not be able to absorb too much over the RDA limit and will likely the urinate the extra Vitamin B12 out.

That being said, the existing consumer feedback suggests that something in the formula works as advertised, giving most users the burst of energy they were looking for.

What Are The Ingredients of Zipfizz?

Zipfizz contains a range of vitamins and minerals along with a few stimulants. Precise quantities are only listed for some ingredients, with the rest listed under a generic “proprietary formula”. Please note that different flavours sometimes have different quantities and balances of some of the below ingredients, so do check your specific pack. Different flavouring agents or preservatives are not listed below.

Does Zipfizz Have Any Side Effects?

Many of the ingredients in Zipfizz are vitamins and minerals, provided in quantities that will be harmless for most people. However, some ingredients have been provided in worryingly high quantities.

The high levels of Vitamin B12 are cause for concern. Taking three tubes per day (the limit recommended by the manufacturer) will mean that customers take a whopping 120,000% of their RDA for B12. Large doses like these can cause acne and adverse reactions can lead to dizziness, a loss of coordination, and vomiting.

All energy drinks contain a big dose of caffeine, and Zipfizz is no different. Caffeine increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, and may cause irregular heartbeats, insomnia, headaches and nausea for some users.

Contains 100mg of caffeine. Not recommended for children, pregnant women, people sensitive to caffeine, or people with a health condition. Limit three tubes per day.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Zipfizz?

Zipfizz is available from a variety of outlets, and there are many reviews to check out. Feedback has generally been positive, with the few negative comments mainly focusing on the taste.

In my opinion it tastes less like vitamins. This is great if you’re watching your sugars as it has zero! The health benefits are amazing as well. I will continue to buy this product. SO much better for you than PowerAde or Gatorade. It give a boost of energy within minutes of drinking it. Remember to take a sip if using a 16.9 ounce water and let it set for about a minute after mixing it because like it’s name it has a fizz that can overflow the water bottle. These are less than $1 per drink, so very affordable. Give them a try!

Along with many vitamins and minerals, it offers about 100mg of caffeine to help you wake up and get to work. Over the last few months it has helped me to reduce my consumption coffee, gatorade, and soda other sugary drinks like these. In the past I’ve tried other drink mixes and while they offered a variety of flavors, none of them made me feel better and more alert like Zipfizz.

I love them. Great alternative to energy drinks or pre workouts. I doubt anyone can say these are healthy or good for you but they are definitely a better alternative. I use them as a pick-me-up during my workouts.

Its got an okay taste, but they put way too much sucralose in it which makes it taste horrible along with an atrocious aftertaste.

Does Zipfizz Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

The official Zipfizz website does not clearly state an official returns policy, and so we must assume that they do not offer a money-back guarantee. When settling a complaint on the Better Business Bureau, the company refused to settle a return (instead advising the customer to return to where they bought it), although they claimed they would deal with returns if the customer bought from them directly. The product is sold at numerous third party retailers, and their returns policies will all vary hugely.

Where Can I Buy Zipfizz?

Zipfizz is available from a range of retailers, including the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, Costco, and many others. The prices listed below are from the manufacturer’s website.

The regular packs of 20 tubes are available for $37.99, and special edition packs of 30 tubes are available for $49.99. Smaller promotional packs of 10 tubes can be purchased for $17.99. Shipping appears to be free.

Zipfizz can be found for much cheaper prices from Amazon and others. A pack of 30 tubes can be found for as little as $26.59 plus shipping. Make sure to shop around to find the best deal.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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